Top 7 Home Remedies For Back Pain

Home Remedies For Back Pain

Back pain can ruin the very essence of a person’s life. Back pain, a common health problem, afflicts nearly ninety percent of the American population at some point or the other in their lifetime. In fact, back pain, particularly lower back pain, is such a widespread health condition that it is the fifth most common reason that makes a visit to the GP or general practitioner imperative.

Excruciating back pain that refuses to disappear despite taking OTC pain killers requires immediate medical intervention, as it can be the covert sign of a more serious underlying health complication.

An Insight Into Back Pain

The intensity of back pain can range from a mild twinge, to a dull ache or even persistent pain. Back pain as we known it is basically an ache or pain which originates from the nerves, the muscles, the joints and the bones which are attached to the spinal cord. Although back pain can afflict people of all age groups and both sexes, it has been detected that individuals between the ages of thirty five and fifty five are more susceptible to this health condition.

Effective Home Remedies For Back Pain

There are numerous alternative treatment options including home remedies to treat back pain. Most of these home remedies are designed to conquer back pain due to muscular stress and strain brought on by engaging in some sort of strenuous physical task. Some top home remedies for back pain are listed below.

Sleep It Off

The best way to get rid of back pain, brought on by muscular strain or injury, is to take a nice long nap. Most muscular aches and pain, even back ache, tend to disappear when you take adequate amounts of rest.


To get rid of a painful back ache, lie on your side on a firm mattress. Bend your knees and place a firm pillow between your legs. Lie in this position for a couple of hours. Your back pain will disappear automatically.

Pop A Vitamin C Tablet

Vitamin C is a good home remedy to control mild to moderate back pain. Pop a vitamin C capsule twice a day.

Vitamin C Tablets

There will be a marked decline in the intensity of back pain and ultimately the back pain will disappear completely. Many doctors prescribe taking vitamin C capsules to control moderate back pain.

Take A Nice Hot Bath

Take A Nice Hot Bath

A nice hot soak can drive away even the worst back ache. Fill a bathtub with hot water. If you want, you can add some relaxing Epsom salts to the bath water. Now get into the hot water bath and relax for ten to fifteen minutes. The soothing hot water can relieve strained back muscles.

Apply A Hot Compress

Muscular spasm can trigger excruciating back pain. To get rid of back ache caused by muscular spasm apply a warm compress over the exact region of pain. To prepare a hot compress, first take some hot water in a stainless steel vessel. Now immerse a towel in the hot water.

Hot Compress

Carefully remove the towel from the hot water and squeeze out the excess water. Now place the heated towel over the painful area. Repeat this process every hour or so or until the pain disappears completely.

Get A Hot Oil Massage

Massaging your back with lightly heated oils like coconut oil, garlic oil, eucalyptus oil or even olive oil can help to ease back ache. Lightly heat coconut oil. Now get a family member or a friend to apply this oil on your back.

Hot Oil Massage

Ask them to massage the painful region gently. Let them work the oil into the strained muscles and joints of your spinal cord. For best results long gentle massage strokes are recommended. Vigorous massage can aggravate the back pain.

Apply A Cold Compress

Sometimes a cold compress can work wonders for your back pain. A cold compress can ease deep seated muscular inflammation. Wrap a couple of ice cubes around a thick hand towel.

Cold Compress

Now bring the ends of the towel together and tie it tightly with a thick twine. Apply the cold compress on the painful areas. Alternately you can buy a cold compress bag from your local pharmacy.

Take Honey

The medicinal properties of honey is legendary. Honey is used in a variety of home remedies to treat different health conditions. Honey can be used to control mild back pain. Dissolve one or two teaspoons of good quality honey in a glass of warm water. Drink this solution at one go. Follow this home remedy for at least one month.


If a person suffers from back pain followed by numbness in the lower limbs and/or lack of bladder control, they should not try out the above mentioned  home remedies. Instead they should consult a doctor for a detailed medical examination.