7 Tricks To Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly

Menstrual pains are a big nightmare particularly to young girls. Some experience such high intensity menstrual pain that it debilitates their ability to do anything during that time. The pain experienced is so excruciating that girls feel comfortable in plunging into their bed bending their body into half. Menstrual pains make girls cry because of the intensity with which they attack the stomach region. While for some girls the pain occurs just as a beginning symptom for others it lasts almost for the full three days period making that part of the month a hell.

Here Are Some Tricks To Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly:

1. Magnesium Consumption Helps

Researches point out that magnesium has the ability to reduce pain experienced during menstrual cramps. Ensure to eat food items that are rich in Magnesium during this time. Some food items that can help you manage your menstrual cramps are raw spinach, Nuts and seeds, Fish in particular Mackerel, Soy Beans and normal beans, whole grains in particular Brown rice, Avocados, banana and Low fat diary.

Magnesium Consumption Helps

2. Take Less Of Salt

During menstrual periods consciously consume very little salt. Salt is known to bloat the lower abdominal region which directly worsens the pain experienced during menstrual periods. Take food items that are natural if you can’t reduce on salt. .You can start consuming less of salt two to three days before the periods so your body manages salts inside and prepares itself to face the pain in a more matured manner.

Take Less Of Salt

3. High Antioxidant Foods

Eat food items rich in antioxidants since these are proven to control the menstrual pains in an effective manner. Some such food items that are rich in anti oxidants are Prunes, Raspberries, Cloves, Strawberries, Cranberries, Walnuts, Blueberries, Pinto Beans, Blackberries and Small red beans. Antioxidants provides relief from menstrual pain by entering into the blood stream.

High Antioxidant Foods

4. Hot Water Pack Massage

An age old proven technique, fill hot water in a hot pack and massage the lower abdomen for some time. This hot water pack massage reduces inflammation and pain caused during the menstrual period providing huge relief. However, ensure this hot water pack massage is done periodically rather than trying it after the pain occurs.

Hot Water Pack Massage

5. Orgasms Reduce Pain

Married women can try this. While it offers fun it is also a proven way to reduce menstrual cramps and pain caused during that time. Orgasms tend to relax the Uterus muscles by enabling good flow of blood to Uterus. This blood flow supplies more oxygen to the region relaxing the tightened muscles which cause the cramps. Check with your Medical Practitioner for efficacy.

6. Drink Plenty Of Liquids

Keeping yourself well hydrated helps you manage the pain caused during the menstrual period in an easy manner. Drink plenty of water to keep your hydrated since dehydration may worsen the cramps increasing the pain. Drinking fresh juices made from fruits like Strawberries, Cranberries, Blueberries and Blackberries will be an added advantage since these not only keeps you hydrated but the antioxidant elements in these fruits help reduce the pain quickly.

Drink Plenty Of Liquids

7. Keep Away From Caffeine

Caffeine aggravates menstrual pain. Consciously avoid consuming any food that is high in Caffeine. Some foods that are high in Caffeine are Chocolates, Ice Creams, fortified foods and specific drinks. While it might taste good for consumption, chocolates are the worst enemies for menstrual cramps.

Keep Away From Caffeine