7 Very Important Post Maternity Checklist And Suggestions

Pregnancy brings lot of cheers to your family which is also surrounded by cautions. Every woman must be cautious and strong during pregnancy to deliver a healthy baby. There are two stages that a woman must take care; pre birth and post birth. Some women have few side effects in these two stages in which, you must not ignore post birth side effects because they may increase your health risk.

Here Are the 7 Very Important Post Maternity Checklist And Suggestions:

1. Check For Blood Flow

After the delivery, you might see a heavy blood flow which lasts till 8-10 weeks. For some women, it may go till 20 weeks. The blood flow differs from woman to woman. But still, if you soak a pad completely in an hour after your 8th week, you might want to consult a doctor to get proper medication.

Check for blood flow

2. Tightly Cover Your Tummy With A Cloth

Take a meter cloth and tie around your tummy covering most of your abdominal part. For some women, tummy will stretch post maternity up to 2 to 3 months. This will be unacceptable for some women who are more conscious because it takes a lot of time to reduce the tummy size after delivery.

Tightly cover your tummy with a cloth

3. Keep Tiny Cotton Balls In Your Ears

Do not let cold air go into your body after delivery as it turns up giving severe headache after few months. If possible, cover your head also.

Keep tiny cotton balls in your ears

4. Stay Cozy

Wear clothes that give comfort and make you feel warm and cozy. Do not ignore this as this is the factor of your health post maternity.

Stay cozy

5. Apply Black Pepper Powder On Your Skull

Black peeper powder will protect you from catching cold especially when you take head baths within 1-3 months after delivery. Apply this powder even on your foot. If you catch cold, the immunity capacity may deprive and could lead to stubborn health problems in future. Better to stay far away from cold.

Apply black pepper powder on your skull

6.  Put 2 To 3 Drops Of Castor Oil Into Ears

Castor oil is natural grain oil that clears the dust particles in ears and protects you from cool air.

Put 2 to 3 drops of castor oil into ears

7.  Take Indian Lilac Leaf Bath Twice A Week

Indian Lilac leaves are very powerful in removing germs and bacteria on your body. Post delivery, your body may have few allergic germs that remain like that if you do not take care. Put 5 to 6 branches of neem leaves into boiling water and take bath. Follow this twice a week for a germ free skin.

Take Indian Lilac leaf bath twice a week