7 Ways To Alleviate Sinus Infection During Pregnancy

Sinus Infection During Pregnancy

Are you expecting and frustrated with running nose? Do you suffer headache and fatigue along with cough while expecting? If you answered positively, you might be suffering from the sinus infection in pregnancy. Sinuses are nothing but air pockets that are outlined with the mucous membranes, and sinusitis is an infection that makes your sinuses swell due to inappropriate draining of mucus. It causes headaches, greenish discharge from your nose, fatigue, cough, and loss of sensation to certain extent. And, if you suffer from sinus infection while expecting, then you need to treat it effectively to obtain relief. Read on to discover all about it.

Find Below Seven Effective Ways To Deal With Sinus Infection During Pregnancy:

1. Drink Lot Of Water:

Drinking ample of water is the safest, effective, and simplest way to get relief from the discomfort resulting due to the sinus infection while you are expecting. Make sure you have adequate warm water intake as it helps you maintain a hydrated body. Do not drink cold water as it may aggravate the condition. Staying hydrated helps you combat the infection and clear the blocked nose.

Drink Lot Of Water

2. Have Steam:

Boil water in a vessel, place the vessel containing the boiled water on the floor, and hold your head over a safe distance on the vessel that emits the steam. Breathe in the steam. Having steam is a highly effective way to ease the drainage, avoid pooling of mucus, and get relief from the discomfort of the blocked nose and pathways. As steam ensures there is no pooling of mucus, which supports bacterial infections, it helps keep the risk of development of infections at bay.

Have Steam

3. Gargle:

If you suffer from sore throat during pregnancy, make sure you gargle by using warm salt water. Add about quarter teaspoon of salt to eight ounces of water, prepare salt water with this ratio, and gargle. Having honey too may help soothe your troubled sore throat.


4. Use Saline Nose Drops:

Using saline nose drops can offer you a great relief. Mix a cup of warm water with one eight teaspoon of salt and add a pinch of baking soda to the water. Use this warm water mixture as nasal drops. You can also use saline nasal irrigation to deal with discomfort of sinus infection while expecting.

Use Saline Nose Drops

5. Oil Pulling:

Oil pulling is highly effective in reducing the discomfort of sinus while expecting. Use coconut oil as it helps in minimizing the inflammation that you suffer due to sinusitis. Also, it aids in combating bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Have a spoonful of coconut oil and try oil pulling, and it will help you clear up the sinuses effectively

Oil Pulling

6. Sleep With Raised Head:

Have ample of sleep when down with sinus while expecting, as it help your immunity to combat the infection. Place a couple of pillows below your head and place your head in elevated position compared to your body by placing the head on the pillows and sleep. Sleeping with elevated head makes your breathing quite easier when down with sinus while expecting. You can also use nasal strips as they aid in opening up the nasal passages.

Sleep With Raised Head

7. Take Warm Bath:

Bathing with warm water, when suffering from the discomfort of sinus infection when you are pregnant, tends to offer you a great relief. You feel relaxed. Having a warm bath also aids in minimize your headache due to sinus. You can also have a relaxing head massage to obtain relief from the discomfort.

Take A Warm Bath

Now that you know these seven effective ways to combat sinus infection while expecting, make sure you follow them to obtain relief.