7 Ways To Deal With Genital Herpes During Pregnancy

Ways To Deal With Genital Herpes During Pregnancy

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which spreads due to sexual contacts. This is a quite threatening condition which can last long and never get cured completely. However there are few steps which can be taken to relieve the symptoms of this condition and fight this disease. During pregnancy, the symptoms and effects of this condition can cause more complications and issues for the baby and the mother too. A pregnant mother can pass various viruses to the baby and get the baby infected too. It is identified that the mother who gets infected with genital herpes before conceiving has lesser chances to pass this disease to the baby from the mothers who get infected during pregnancy. Here are some of the ways through which, a pregnant lady can deal with genital herpes and enjoy a safe pregnancy.

Follow The Doctor’s Advice And Go For A Safe Labor With Keeping These Things In Your Mind:

1. Go For Antiviral Medications And Drugs

The risk of the mother transmitting disease and infections to the baby gets quite more when the mother has already conceived and then gets infected with this disease. In such a condition, to avoid the spread of disease to the baby, anti viral drugs and medications must be followed. Under the guidance of the doctor, the woman must start a regular consumption and medication routine to avoid the infection in the baby.

Go For Antiviral Medications And Drugs

2. Plan For A C Section

If you have got infected with genital herpes during the later stages of pregnancy, the doctor usually suggest to for a planned c section. Due to vaginal birth, the changes of the child getting infected by genital herpes get enhanced and thus doctors suggest going for a c section. A properly planned c section would simply help in protecting the baby from the infections and get a healthy labor.

Plan For A C Section

3. Go For Protected Sex If Your Partner Too Is Infected With The Disease

The main aim during pregnancy is to keep the baby away from any kind of infections and reactions if the mother is infected with genital herpes. In the case where the partner is too infected with the disease, protected sex is suggested to help baby rescue this condition. Using condoms and protection while having sex would help in saving the baby from catching the genital herpes infections.

Go For Protected Sex If Your Partner Too Is Infected With The Disease

4. Maintain Cleanliness

Cleanliness is very important things to obey of you have already caught this infection. After labor, do not kiss the baby on the lips as this would pass the bacteria and infections over to the kid. Keep the baby away from this infection also by washing hands and touching the baby. The young and new born baby is very delicate and prone towards infections which must be considered seriously. Without cleansing the hands thoroughly, do not touch and lift the baby and avoid such contacts.

Maintain Cleanliness

5. Keep Your Baby From Active Sores

Active sores are the areas from which the infections and viruses can spread over to the baby. Just like the doctors would recommend going for a c section for labor as the birth canal gets infected and can become the prime cause of bacteria spreading to the baby. Also breast feeding is not recommended is breasts are your active sores. Direct contact to the baby from mouth kisses must be avoided. Taking proper care and maintaining distance of your baby from the active sores would help in keeping the baby away from getting infected with genital herpes.

Keep Your Baby From Active Sores