7 Wonderful Home Remedies For Fibrocystic Breast

Remedies For Fibrocystic Breast

Fibrocystic breasts are a condition where lumps are formed generally in both the breasts causing pain and discomfort. If your breasts are having lumps and cysts during the menstrual cycle, it can be a cause of fibrocystic breasts. Also if the fibrous tissues growth is enhances, you would be suffering from fibrocystic breasts. This condition makes your breasts feel lumpy, thick, swollen, painful and sore. The fibrocystic breast lumps are no cancerous and not harmful and dangerous but sometimes, these lumps can get sore, tender and swollen causing pain and quite unpleasing conditions. Generally women suffer from this issue during the menstrual cycle and would observe some changes along with the beginning and ending of the menstruation cycle.

Here Are Some Amazing Home Remedies For Healing Fibrocystic Breasts Which Can Help You Relieve The Pain Soon:

1. Reduce Caffeine Intake

It is observed that a high amount of caffeine is prone to breast pain and women consuming more amounts of caffeine regularly, face, more painful limps and fibrocystic breast pain. If you are suffering from fibrocystic breasts with painful lumps and consumption of caffeine rich products and foods such as coffee and tea especially during your menstrual cycle and get relived of the pain!

Reduce Caffeine Intake

2. Warm Compresses

Warm compresses can heal and provide relief in various body aches and pain. If you have heavy swelling in your breasts due to the painful and sore lumps, you can try warm compresses and would surely get some relief in the pain. Place some warm clothes, heat bags over the breasts and relax. This would help in healing fibrocystic breasts soon.

Warm Compresses


3. Primrose Oil

The fatty acids are highly beneficial on the swollen and lumpy area and thus would help you in case of fibrocystic breasts. Primrose oil is filled with essential ingredients and elements which can help reducing the swelling and painful lumps. Massage or apply some primrose oil and get cool results over this condition!

Primrose Oil

4. Vitamin E

Vitamin e oil is amazing and filled with all the healing properties. Consumption of vitamin E oil has showed some amazing and considerable results over breast pain and issues. You must consume vitamin e oil which can reduce the pain, swelling and spread of the fibrocystic breasts. Try this amazing remedy and get amazing results in just a quick pan of time.

Vitamin E

5. Reduce Salt Intake

Fibrocystic breasts occur during menstrual cycle and salt is the worst ingredient which can even worsen the condition. Salt intake captures and stored more amount of water in the breasts which makes the lumps and swollen area heavier and highly painful. This to avoid such conditions, reduce or neglect the salt intake in your diet for fighting the pain and swelling caused due to fibrocystic breasts.

Reduce Salt Intake

6. Ice Compresses

Just like the warm compresses, the ice bags and ice compresses can work wonders on swollen areas. If you have painful and swollen breasts, you can try this cool remedy of placing ice bags and massaging ice over the breasts to get soon rid of the fibrocystic breasts. If you suffer intense pain during the menstrual cycles, you can apply some ice bags and get rid of it soon!

Ice Compress

7. Essential Oil Massage Or Sitz Bath

Essential oils are the boon which has amazing healing powers. For healing and reducing the pain of fibrocystic breasts, you can have a sitz bath where by adding some drops of essential oils in your hot water bath would get you cool results. Also you can get some essential oils and apply it over your breasts for amazing results!

Essential Oil Massage Or Sitz Bath