8 Best Exercises To Firm And Lift Your Breasts

Exercises To Firm And Lift Your Breasts

Every woman loves firm breasts in good shape. Breasts are prone to sagginess for many reasons. Aging, hormonal fluctuations, post pregnancy, weight gain or loss, are a few. Although sagging breasts is common, going under the knife is not the only solution that can help you get firm breasts. With regular exercises you can easily make it firm and get back good shape.

Take A Look At These Top 8 Best Exercises To Firm And Lift Your Breasts

1. Push-Ups

Push-ups are difficult and painful. However, to regain the firm breast and stop further drooping, just go for it. Going through pain gives you amazing results. It tones, stabilizes and strengthens the chest muscles. Besides, it also act as an exercise that tones your whole body.

Lie down on the floor, which face pointing towards the floor. Rest your palm firmly on the floor. Slowly raise your body and balance it with palms and toes. Gradually lift and lower your body. Don’t strain too much, try to repeat maximum numbers possible. You can gradually increase the count.


2. Chest Press

Chest press is an easier exercise that completely targets the chest muscles. To transform the sagging breasts into firm and gives good shape. You can use a pair of dumbbells that weighs about 2 kgs each or 2 litre water bottles of equal weight. (Or you can start with less weighing or more weighing equipments)

Lie down on the floor facing the roof. Hold dumbbells in each hand. Extend your hands and ensure it is in line with the shoulders. Gently raise your arms to 90 degree straight aka perpendicular, pointing the roof. Hold in the same position for few counts and lower the arms. Repeat the same for 10 to 20 times.

Chest Press

3. Wall Pushups / Wall Press

This is probably the simplest and the easiest exercise that lifts and tones your breast. This is also called wall press. When you apply pressure with your arms and chest muscles, it targets your pectoral muscles, which tones your breasts.

Stand straight facing the wall. Lean towards the wall with your palm. Put maximum pressure possible with your hands, just like you try to push it. Apply pressure for a stretch of 5 to 10 seconds and repeat it for a few minutes.

Wall Press

4. Free Weights

This is simple modified version of chest press. Just like you perform the chest press exercise in a reclining position, go for this in a standing position.

Carry equal weight in both hands. Stand straight with legs placed feet apart. Raise your arms and keep it extended from the body, where the arms are raised sideways, straight to the shoulder level. Hold in the extended position for few counts and lower the arms. Repeat for few times.

Free Weights

5. Do A Cobra / Upper Body Lift

This is precisely a form of yoga pose that helps you tone the upper body and gives uplift to your breast. It is called Bhujangasana or cobra pose, where your raise the body from the base of the hip and balance the whole body with arms and lower body.

Lie down on the floor, where your face faces the floor. Place your arms on the floor, with palms touching the floor. Ensure you firmly hold the floor and gradually lift the upper body till your bikini line. Balance yourself with arms and legs. Lift your head and chin up. Maintain the position for few seconds to couple of minutes.

Do A Cobra / Upper Body Lift

6. Palm Press

It sounds relatively easy and effective as well. You can perform this exercise at any time, any place comfortably. All you need to do is press your palms. Yes, the intensity of pressure tones your chest muscles and uplifts the drooping breasts.

Stand straight. Bring both hands together before your chest. Clutch or hold on to each other palm. Press the palms with maximum pressure for 10 to 15 minutes. Relax and repeat for a few times.

Palm Press

7. Back Elbow Stretch

Stretches make the best exercises to tone the muscles. Elbow stretch is ideal to firm your breasts and gives natural uplift.

Stand straight. Move your hands towards back of the head and rest it behind. Place one palm on other palm, (left palm over right palm). Ensure it is placed firmly. Gradually stretch your elbow backwards, and try to stretch as much as possible. You will experience a pressure and maintain it for few seconds. Relax, back to normal position and repeat.

Back Elbow Stretch

8. Backward Arm Stretch

A modified version of above exercise, tones the chest muscles, which gives good shape to the breasts.

Stand straight and take your hands behind your body. The palm of the hands should face upwards. Stretch your hands behind maximum possible, where you feel mild pressure in arms, shoulders and chest. Relax, and repeat it for few times.

These are simple but best exercises to tone your breasts. Uplift your breast and get back into shape without undergoing any cosmetic surgery.

Backward Arm Stretch