8 Breastfeeding Challenges You May Phase After Delivery

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest feeling for a woman at any given date where she gives birth to another life and brings them up into an independent being. However, along with the joy of motherhood come with it some of the responsibilities and challenges in the initial months which a first- time mom would not be able to cope up with at all times. One of those responsibilities is breastfeeding which is the normal way of feeding a new born and which is not always easy as it comes with its own array of issues of challenges for the new mother.

Some Of The Challenges That Any Women May Face After Delivery Are Discussed Below:

1. The Issues Of Getting Started:

Breastfeeding is something you have not yet experienced and befriending something as alien and with a small child on your laps can be real difficult. There might be issues to start off as the child and you might have been away from each other due to medical issues or just about anything and thus the connect is yet to build up. Sometimes the babies falter to latch up to the nipples but taking help from experienced people around, doctors etc can actually help you to start the activity normally.

2. Sore Nipple:

It is although a common sighting that the nipples might pain and become sore after breastfeeding and while trying it as well. The pain and the uncomfortable feel stay on for the initial days in a new mother but if the pain persists it may be due to the improper latching of the baby. It is better to make sure that the pose of the baby is correct and taking the help of the doctor to get the best result should be beneficial.

Sore Nipple

3. Sleeping Babies While Breastfeeding:

This for a new mother seems like a concern when they see that her newly born child is sleeping while she is busy trying to breastfeed. Is the child having the milk? To ease this challenge, you just need to try pushing as much milk to the baby’s mouth as this will wake up the little one. To do this breast compressions or squeezing gently helps.

Sleeping Babies While Breastfeeding

4. Cracked Nipple Issue:

Cracked nipples are usually caused in new mothers as the baby latches are not proper. There can be even instances where the cracks spill out a bit of blood, but that is fine while the baby is feeding from the breast. The best remedy to solve this issue is by applying some lanolin creams on the nipples after the feeding activity. You can also try applying some breast milk on the cracked regions as breast milk is high in antibiotic content which helps heal infections to a great extent. However in case even after all this, the cracks and the related pain subsists, visiting a lactation consultant or the doctor is necessary.

Cracked Nipple Issue

5. A Blocked Milk Duct Coupled With Infections:

While it is again a common concern for breastfeeding mothers that at any point the milk ducts in their breasts may get blocked or clogged wherein at most of the times it gets unclogged by itself without the knowledge of the person. However, at times the scenario isn’t the same. It is in the times when the clogged ducts do not unclog themselves and bacterial growth begins to develop which may result into infections known as mastitis. Mastitis usually is associated with concerns such as tenderness all around the duct, mild fever and warm feel while the region is touched upon. The best way to treat this concern is by putting warm compress in the area but in case it does not subside in 48 hours, a doctor visit is a must.

A Blocked Milk Duct Coupled With Infections

6. High Milk Supply:

It is a common factor that psychologically all the moms all over the world would like their babies to have a lot of food and things aren’t any different for the newborns. Here, every mother in the concern that they might not be having high supply of milk in them starts pumping their breasts which causes too much milk for the baby to consume. This result into the baby becoming confused and not being able to have the milk they actually need. Thus, it is better to consult a doctor to understand the aspects and then act accordingly.

High Milk Supply

7. Low Milk Supply:

After a week of the delivery, the body usually produces a lot of milk for the mother to feed her child but in case due to some medical issues you were away from your baby, things may turn out that the milk supply isn’t optimum. At cases like this, you should not be scared and worried instead meet a lactation consultant as this is but obvious a challenge which can be overcome with a few expect tips.

Low Milk Supply

8. The Blame Game:

For the first time mothers breastfeeding and its challenges may lead them into blaming themselves for it all. However, the fact remains that breastfeeding is something that is the baby’s necessity and they should take it in order to survive. Talking to doctors, seniors and experienced people at home help reduce the frustrations and self- blaming issues as breastfeeding is maybe one of the best activities which bring the child and the mother close to each other!

The Blame Game