8 Causes And Symptoms Of Hives During Pregnancy

Hives During Pregnancy

Hives is one of the widely spread conditions which can be witnessed in pregnant women. The hives are the visible spots and signs which can lead to big marks and patch like structures on your stomach. Hives are caused due to numerous reasons like side effects of medications, due to infections, allergies, due to hormonal changes, or due to fabrics you wear! This is a condition in which the marks get dark and would spread over all the area of the stomach. If women are facing issues with various allergies like from pollen, dust, bug bites or any such issues hives can occur. Here are some causes and symptoms of hives which reflects you are suffering from this issue.

These Are The Most Common Causes And Symptoms Of Hives Which Women Face!

1. Medication

Medications can sometimes act very differently on the body. If you are suffering from and disease or are taking the medications prescribed by your doctor, you can get affected with the hives as a side effect. The hives are the patchiness over the skin which can get rise due to the result of medication. Thus side effect of medications is one of the causes of hives.


2. Bug Bites

Insect or bug bites is another reason which can end up in hives. The bug bites or insect bites can spread the bacteria and infection all over your stomach and make it look huge. Thus if the bug or insect bites are not treated on the go, it can result into hives!

Bug Bites

3. Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions are the reasons of hives too. Due to the fabrics you use, due to the materials and products you use, you can get a chemical reaction from any of these products and simply get affected with hives! Thus, stay away from chemical products to fight hives!

Chemical Reactions

4. Pollen

Pollen is a quite allergenic ingredient which can have side effects on your skin. Pollens are allergic elements which are to be avoided during pregnancy. If a mother comes in contact with pollen, she can get affected with hives!


5. Food Allergy

We are unaware regarding the food allergies various and different foods can cause. If you are eating a food which does not suit your health and body, it can cause issues like reactions, allergenic effects and issues like hives!

Food Allergy


6. Raised Welts

The mark and patches which signify hive marks are the significant and promising symptom of hives. These are the huge patch like structures which appear on the infected skin and look bulging. It looks quite huge and can get even more! These welts are itchy, dry and painful and would make your skin look unpleasant! Thus these are the signs and symptoms of hives during pregnancy!

Raised Welts

7. Itchiness

Itchiness and the feeling of dryness around the stomach area is quite common symptom of the hives. If a woman is suffering from itchy skin and the skin gets highly dry and irritating, you need to understand that it can be a symptom of hives! Besides the visible marks, irritated and dry skin is the symptoms of hives!


8. Dry Skin

The skin when infected with hives and such issues gets drier and under nourished. if you are suffering from extremely dry and itchy skin, you must know that it can be due to hives. This condition would grab all the nourishment away from your skin making it itchy, dry, irritated and painful!

Dry Skin