8 Causes Of Missed Menstrual Cycles

Causes of Missed Menstrual Cycles

Causes of Missed Menstrual Cycles Missed periods can create instant worries for any woman. It raises a wide range of suspicion from pregnancy to some disease or problem. Actually, some women have regular menstrual cycles while some go through infrequent, irregular and missed periods many times in their lives.

There can be several reasons for irregularity or missed periods and a woman should understand all these to avoid any ambiguity. We have some of the major reasons which cause missed periods.

Causes Of Missed Menstrual Cycles

Body Weight

It is so ironic that the body weight can affect your health in so many ways. It has been studied that women with low body weight or women who are obese are more likely to suffer from missed periods. Moreover, it may also affect their ability to get pregnant. Therefore, it is important to maintain ideal body weight.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

After pregnancy, it is a very common thing to not have a period for months. If the woman is breastfeeding her child then she may not have a period for a very long time like six months. Actually, the pregnancy hormones are responsible for the change.


It has also been seen that the women who work under a lot of stress or are going through some difficult time experience missed periods. Severe stress can delay period for many weeks, so it is important to eliminate stress. However, if you don’t have periods from months then visit a doctor immediately.

Gynaecological Problems

There are always chances of some big problems with prolonged missed periods. Gynaecological problems may include damage of uterus, polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian failure and others. However, doctors can better tell you about the problem so don’t self diagnose.

Hormonal Changes

A female undergoes huge hormonal changes during two stages of her life, once while she enters puberty and then during the menopausal period. During these times she can experience missed or irregular periods. This is totally normal, however if you think that complications are serious then take professional help.

Medical Conditions

Missed periods can also be a symptom of some medical condition like problems/disorders with thyroid or pituitary gland. However, the final verdict would be by doctor but it is important for you to be aware. Hormonal birth control measures can also trigger period problems.

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Now this one is the most obvious cause of missed periods. Any woman who misses a period worries about pregnancy. If you have had unprotected intercourse or any other type of sex then it is very much possible to get pregnant. You should buy a home pregnancy test kit and ensure the results twice.

Dieting & Exercise

According to a New York Times article excessive dieting and exercising can also result in irregular or missed periods. Sometimes, your regime may not suit your body causing different problems in the body. Therefore, it is better to change the diet and exercise plan so that everything gets back to normal.

If you are not getting your periods then it is better to visit a doctor and follow his instructions. Moreover, the problem may resurface again so follow a stress free lifestyle with healthy diet and supplements.