8 Causes Of Preterm Labor That Every Woman Should Know

Causes Of Preterm Labor That Every Woman Should Know

Women are lucky to be bestowed with the blessing of becoming a mother. Nearly every woman waits for their time to enjoy every phase of motherhood. It is really an amazing thing to note that only a woman has the power to create another life inside her. But this blessing comes with a lot of pain and risk. Sometimes, despite taking all precautions, a preterm labor can happen when a mother gives birth to her baby before the completion of the actual tenure needed for delivery that is 37 weeks. Premature babies sometimes suffer from serious health issues at the time of birth or later in their life.

Preterm labor happens to you when you have pelvic pressure, menstrual like cramps, blood or water or blood discharge from the vagina and unusual pain in the lower back.

The Causes Of Preterm Labor Are Listed Below That Will Make You Aware Of Taking Better Care Of Yourself During The Pregnancy Tenure:

1. Cases Of Miscarriage Or Abortion During The First Pregnancy

If you had a preterm labor before, there can be a risk again of having another one during your second pregnancy. In such a case, follow all the guidelines given by your doctor to ensure complete safety for your baby and for yourself. An abortion before your second pregnancy also can give rise to a preterm labor again. See that you take proper amount of rest that means at least a year before you go for a second chance of pregnancy. A miscarriage in your previous pregnancy can also be a reason for preterm labor in the next one. Plan with your doctor well to keep all the ailments at bay and to maintain a good diet throughout the tenure of pregnancy.

Cases Of Miscarriage Or Abortion During The First Pregnancy

2. Getting Pregnant At A Tender Or Late Age

Early and late pregnancies can be a chance for preterm labor. Getting pregnant at a tender age of 14-19 or at a later age of 35-40s can also give rise to a preterm labor. The later age group women usually develop ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure that is not safe may pose problems during pregnancy. Similarly, at a tender age between 14-19, the body is still not well prepared for carrying a fetus.

Getting Pregnant At A Tender Or Late Age

3. Suffering From Pregnancy Disorders

Some ailments like preeclamsia, HELLP syndrome, genital infections and uterine and cervical problems can also be a cause for preterm labor. Preeclampsia is a condition when the mother suffers from high blood pressure or high protein content in the urine.

HELLP syndrome is the condition where a mother experiences a breakdown of red blood cells, or an elevation in the liver function and enzymes and a condition of having low platelet count that increases the risk of blood clotting to a great extent.

Suffering From Pregnancy Disorders

4. Having Twins, Triplets Or Quadruplets In The First Pregnancy

It sometimes becomes very exciting for couples to have twins or triplets or quadruplets. But such cases can also be the cause for preterm labor. The length of pregnancy tenure reduces when one has more than one baby in the womb. In such a condition, take regular visits to the doctor to ensure you and your babies are all safe and sound.

Having Twins, Triplets Or Quadruplets In The First Pregnancy

5. Having Consequtive Pregnancies

Couples should never go for having consecutive pregnancies. This is also a cause for having premature babies. After each pregnancy, a mother’s health deteriorates a lot that needs a lot of rest and proper diet. Having consecutive pregnancies gives no rest to the mother bringing the baby’s life to a risk. Health hazard increases when you closed spaced pregnancies depleting the essential nutrients needed in the body. So, when you are not healthy how can your baby be fit and fine. So wait for a minimum period of 18 months to get pregnant again.

Having Consequtive Pregnancies

6. Taking A Lot Of Stress

Stress is something that people cannot do without in today’s fast paced world. Stress during the time of pregnancy is not good at all. Whether an expecting is working or not, stress will always be her accompaniment during the entire tenure of pregnancy making the chances of preterm labor more obvious and imminent.

Taking A Lot Of Stress

7. Early Generation Experiencing Preterm Labor

Having a history of preterm labor in the family can also be a cause of having a preterm baby during your pregnancy. If you were also a premature baby, then there are chances of you having one during your pregnancy time. Family history and genes play a very important role in deciding whether the future generation too will suffer from the affects of preterm labor.

Early Generation Experiencing Preterm Labor

8. Smoking And Drinking Before Or During Pregnancy

A woman who regularly smokes or intakes alcohol will surely have chances of preterm labor. Drinking or smoking a lot even before pregnancy I never too good for a woman as it poses problems for her during pregnancy. Even at the time of pregnancy, smoking and alcohol intake should be stopped completely as it gives rise to problems like low birth weight, placental problems and death too. It puts the tenure of pregnancy completely at a level of high risk.

Smoking And Drinking Before Or During Pregnancy

These are some of the causes of preterm labor that will make you alert to avoid one when you are planning for pregnancy or at its early stage.