8 Danger Signs In Pregnancy

8 danger signs in pregnancy

Most of the women who are pregnant always wish to have a normal delivery without any complications. However, one must surely be aware of the danger signals during pregnancy so as to notify the doctor or midwife immediately.

There are a whole load of body changes that women undergo while they are pregnant but at the same time there are some signs that should not be ignored at any cost.

Vaginal Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding is common during the early stages of pregnancy but what you should actually worry about is, when you notice the bleeding to be bright red and with clots. This is also accompanied with cramping and intense pain in the uterus area and this is a condition where the placenta is pulling away from the walls of the uterus and hence the fetus is deprived of its oxygen supply. This is an indication that you need to get to the doctor immediately.

Painful And Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is also a common symptom during pregnancy but if it’s painful then it could be urinary tract infection. If ignored then it could lead to premature labor and this can also affect your baby’s mental development.

Swelling Of The Legs

During pregnancy, most women often notice a slight swelling in the legs and ankle but if there is excessive swelling in the face and fingers then it is a danger signal. And all the more if this swelling is accompanied by blurred vision and headaches then it indicates pregnancy induced hypertension which needs to be attended to immediately.

High Blood Pressure

One of the most common signs is high blood pressure which will occur during the last stages of pregnancy. Doctors may advise some prescribed medicines but what you need to carefully watch out is that if this blood pressure still remains high then you need to address it immediately by consulting your doctor.

Constant Fatigue And Tiredness

During your pregnancy it is very normal to feel tired but if you find that you faint frequently and you look very pale then you can conclude that you are anemic. For this you need to consult your doctor who will usually provide you with folic acid and iron supplements.

Fetal Movements

If you are in your second trimester then you need to constantly monitor your fetal movements. If you notice a drop in the fetal movements then it implies that your baby is under stress or it is not able to freely move in the womb. This calls for a doctor’s visit as soon as possible.

Running High Temperature

If you are running high temperature say around 100 and it does not decrease even after medication then it should be immediately attended to because if it is ignored, then it can cause brain damage of the baby and also cause abnormalities in the body formation of the baby.

Amniotic Fluid Leakage

A sudden flow of fluid from your vagina indicates that the amniotic fluid is gushing out from your body. If you are in the last stage of pregnancy then it not a cause of alarm but if this condition happens in your midterm then you cannot afford to lose even a small pinch of it because amniotic fluid is very much needed for the fetal growth. So in case you encounter this condition, get doctor’s help.

Hence, please ensure that in case you notice the above alarm signals then notify your doctor or midwife immediately.

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