8 Home Remedies For PMS

Remedies For PMS

PMS also known as premenstrual syndrome is a common problem where women faces cramps, tightness and soreness in various body parts before getting into periods. When the menstrual period is about to arrive and 3-4 days before the cycle, premenstrual cramps and pain occur. These conditions are different for all the women. General pain is observed in the hips, thighs, abdomen, legs, back and other parts. Also vaginal pain is one of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. This is a very painful and hectic period and creates discomfort during work and all the other regularly activities. Medications are generally not suggested for regular use as they can cause other side effects which can harm the body in different ways. Thanks to the home remedies which help in reducing the cramps and painful effects of PMS.

Here Are Some Of The Most Promising Remedies Which You Can Try And Get Relief From The Pain And Soreness During PMS:

1. Ginger

This cool and amazing antioxidant has amazing properties which can heal your pain and soreness in some uses. Ginger is a highly powerful ingredient which works wonders on the pain and cramps. The strong and stunning ingredients and herbal benefits of ginger would helps in reducing pain during PMS. You can consume ginger in different ways for pain relief. Drink ginger and honey water regularly in the morning, or you can also go for ginger tea which would also work as an antioxidant and antibacterial ingredient and would fight all the menstrual issues. Try this amazing remedy and get rid of excess pain (1)!


2. Apple Cider Vinegar

This cool and miraculous ingredient easily available at home, gets amazing benefits for women who suffer immense pain and cramps during the premenstrual period. If you have some irresistible pain, you can try drinking the solution prepared from apple cider vinegar for benefits over cramps. Mix some apple cider vinegar into luke warm water and add some honey. Drink this solution early morning or at anytime throughout the day and you would feel relief from pain in some time. This is one of the widely preferred remedy which would never fail to give amazing results (2)!

Apple Cider Vinegar

3. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are amazing ingredients which are friends of women! Consider the pain and cramps during pregnancy or premenstrual cramps, these amazing seeds work wonders on both. This amazing seeds must be consumed regularly in morning to avoid pain. Sometimes the pain also occurs due o blood blockages and clots which can be avoided and reduced using the flaxseeds. This is a cool reedy you can try (3)!


4. Fennel Seeds

Another healthy and cramp reliving seeds are here with cool and amazing benefits. If you are facing heavy cramps in your body during the premenstrual period, you must try consuming fennel seeds every morning as you wake up. This would regulate the menstruation flow and would get you relief from cramps and soreness (4).

Fennel Seeds

5. Massages

Massages are amazing for the body. If your body faces immense pain and cramps during this period, you must try the amazing massage remedy which would get you relief quickly! Also you can use various oils, vapourub and such elements for making the massages more effective and promising. Try massaging the back, abdomen, hips, thighs and we assure you would get great relief! Also you must workout and exercise with some low intensity workout options which would help in relieving pain and cramps (5).


6. Hot Compresses

Hot compresses have amazing impact on cramps and pain. If a person suffers from pain, swelling, cuts and such issues, hot compresses would simply work wonders! You can try hot compresses and get rid of the premenstrual pain. Try compressing your abdomen, hip, thighs, back and legs with the compressors and soon you would get high relief and healing from the cramping body (6)!

Hot Compresses

7. Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt bath is one of the cool ways to get rejuvenated and feel lighter. Bathing in the hot water or taking an Epsom salt bath are equally beneficial in relieving pain and cramps. The hot water would loosen up your muscles and would make them feel lighter and relieved. Go for a cool hot water bath when you face heavy pain and cramp and are not able to bear the suffering (7)!

Epsom Salt Bath

8. Black Pepper Solution

Black pepper is rich and is filled with cool ingredients which would simply disappear all your pain and cramps. Black pepper is a powerful ingredient which cans relief different pains. You can consume black pepper and cinnamon water solution. Or include black pepper powder in your diet and food. Also you can mix some honey, luke warm water and black pepper powder and consume this solution regularly in the morning for faster relief (8)!

Black Pepper Solution

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