8 Tips For Blocked Duct In Breast

Tips For Blocked Duct In Breast

Blocked duct or mastitis is a common condition where the women face with the issue of blocked duct or cyst kind of structure in the breasts. The lumps get heavy and feel like lumps in this condition. This can also be known as the blocked milk ducts. The blocked milk duct also creates a problem for the mothers while feeding the baby. This condition can get very painful when the bay tries to breast feed but won’t get fed due to the clogging and blocking of the blood! However, there are certain tips and remedies through which, you can get rid of the clogged milk duct in your breast and get rid of this issue. While following these amazing tips, you would be able to get rid of the blocked ducts and get relief from the pain and suffering!

Try These Co And Natural Tips For Promising Results For Clogged Milk Ducts In The Breasts!

1. Warm Compresses

Warm compresses are of the most amazing beneficial remedies which can get cool results on the clogged breasts. If you are feeling heavy pain and are suffering through this during breast feeding too, go for a warm compress session which would reduce pain and inflammation. You can use the heart bags and apply these on the breasts. You would soon feel warm and sooth after this remedy!

Warm Compresses

2. Vitamin E

Vitamin e oil is cool and is filled with amazing healing properties. Consumption of vitamin E oil has showed significant results over breast pain and issues. You must consume vitamin e oil which can reduce the pain, swelling and spread of the clogged milk ducts. Try this amazing remedy and get amazing results in no time!

Vitamin E

3. Ice Compresses

Just like the warn compresses, the ice compresses would get cool results over the clogged breast. The milk ducts can get clogged due to various reasons and cysts. You can apply ice compresses on your breasts to boost the blood circulation and get rid of this issue soon. Apply ice compresses on your breasts and soon get away with this annoying issue!

Ice Compresses

4. Essential Oil Massage

The essential oils are one of the coolest remedies to treat this issue. If you are suffering from breast pain, tenderness and soreness along with clogged milk ducts, you must use the essential oils for massaging the breast and get soothing results. Massages would simply regulate blood flow and would get awesome results on your breast pain. Try this relaxing and soothing remedy and get flawless results for pain!

Essential Oil Massage

5. Cabbage Leaves

Cabbage leaves has shown some relief and soothing over the clogged breast issues, once your breasts get clogged and jammed, they also get sore, tender and open towards high pain. You can place the cabbage leaves on your breasts for reducing this tenderness and soreness. Apply the cabbage leaves on the breasts for some time and you would get cool results!

Cabbage Leaves

6. Lavender Tea

Lavender tea is a soothing and refreshing tea which would get you relief over the clogged milk duct. You must consume few cups of lavender tea for getting rid of the pain and suffering due to clogged milk ducts!

Lavender Tea

7. Hot Shower

Hot shower can also regulate the blood flow and get you awesome results over pain, breast pain can be cured using this amazing remedy if you are feeling immense pain, tenderness and soreness in your breasts, go for a hot shower and you would feel relieved!

Hot Shower