8 Tips To Get Relief From Seasonal Allergies In Pregnancy

Tips To Get Relief From Seasonal Allergies In Pregnancy

Are you sneezing a lot after smelling the fragrance of a flower after your visit to a garden during pregnancy? Do you suffer a nasal congestion? If you answered positively, then you might be suffering from seasonal allergies while expecting. Seasonal allergies can affect an expectant mother anytime and cause discomfort and nuisance. So, you need to take the right care tips to obtain relief from the symptoms of seasonal allergies while you are expecting to enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Read on to discover all about it.

Find Below Eight Helpful Tips To Obtain Relief From Seasonal Allergies While Expecting:

1. Maintain Cleanliness

Keep your surroundings clean and free of dust to keep out allergens out. Vacuuming your home often can help maintain cleanliness stay away from allergens. Pollen grains and dust settle quickly in your interiors of home and trigger seasonal allergies. Regular dusting the furniture and other things at home can keep these allergens away.

Maintain Cleanliness

2. Cover Your Mouth

If you need to step out in allergen prone areas, then make sure you cover your mouth and nose properly by tying a scarf or cloth around your nose and mouth since these are two most common parts of your body from where allergens enter and cause seasonal allergies. This helps keep the allergens away from your mouth and nose and protect you from their hazardous effects while you are expecting.

Cover Your Mouth

3. Be Away From Pets

If you are allergic to the hair or fur of pets that shed during a season, it is better to stay away from your pets during pregnancy as being with them is more likely to provoke allergic reactions. If you have a pet, let someone else from your family take care of the pet till your delivery. If your neighbors or friends have pets, let your neighbors and friends know that you are allergic to pets’ hair or fur before you drop in.

Be Away From Pets

4. Have Rest

If you are down with any seasonal allergy during pregnancy, you need to have plenty of rest to alleviate the symptoms of the allergy and enjoy good health. Stay indoors and spend relaxing time, avoid going out as it is likely to trigger more allergic reactions.

Have Rest

5. Go For Allergen-Free Foods

Choose to eat only those foods that do not trigger the symptoms of allergy while you are expecting. Certain citrus fruits, at times, are more likely to trigger the allergic reactions. So, avoid eating such foods that you know might trigger allergy. Instead, you can include fresh green vegetables in your regular diet.

Go For Allergen-Free Foods

6. Use Saline Nose Spray

Do you suffer from a stuffy, congested nose due to allergy during pregnancy? Use nasal drops or saline nose spray to clear off the nasal congestion and obtain a great relief from the stuffy nose. Saline nose spray or nasal drops help you get rid from the hazardous allergens from your nose and reduce your discomfort.

Use Saline Nose Spray

7. Keep Chemicals At Bay

Certain household chemicals can also provoke various allergic reactions if you come in contact with them or even if you just smell them when you use them during a season while working on your home interiors or any other work. So, avoid coming in contact with household chemicals that you are allergic to during pregnancy. Household chemicals, such as paint thinner, can trigger allergic symptoms. So, either discard such chemicals or keep them away from you.

Keep Chemicals At Bay

8. Stay Away From Smokers

Even though you yourself may not be a smoker, but by staying in the vicinity of a person who smokes seasonally you are likely to breathe in the smoke that spreads in the atmosphere around you. And, this is likely to trigger allergic symptoms and cause discomfort to you. So, avoid being around people who smoke during pregnancy. Stay away from smoke as much as you can while expecting.

Stay Away From Smokers

Now that you know these eight care tips to alleviate seasonal allergies during pregnancy, make sure you follow them to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.