8 Top Gym Workout Tips To Lose Weight

8 Top Gym Workout Tips To Lose Weight

Gyming is gaining popularity today across the world. For the time-stressed youth, in particular, gym workouts are generally the only exercise they get. From muscle strengthening to tuning the body, different people go to the gym for different reasons. There are many, of course, who turn to the gym to shed their excess weight without resorting to drastic dieting, which often leaves the body weak and malnourished. These workouts work well only if matched with good lifestyle habits, including proper sleep, lot of water during the day and healthy snacks to satiate your hunger pangs.

Train Heavy To Lighten Your Body

Heavy training and cardio exercises are believed to be among the best gym workouts for those seeking to lose weight. Heavy weights help build the muscle while improving the strength, thus providing a perfect foil to dieting. There are some basic rules that need to be followed when undertaking heavy weights and cardio exercises so that you don’t end up overdoing the training. You could, for example, split the strengthening of upper body parts and lower parts across weeks. Keeping a logbook would help you track your exercise module.


Try Treadmill

The treadmill regimen works extremely well in weight loss. Treadmills are a great way to burn calories as they create conditions similar to walking and running. One quick tip for those who like to spend their time on the treadmill: don’t hold on to the handles of the treadmill while running or walking on it as that takes away some of the burden of your body weight. Keep an eye on the speed and other features of the treadmill to enjoy the maximum benefit.


Group Cycling

Group exercise bikes are another good option when it comes to cutting down on your weight. Unlike stationary bikes, the fit for the rider is better in the group cycling bikes, which have more adjustment points such as seat height, saddle position, height and position of the handlebar, etc. These special features ensure greater comfort for the rider, enabling him to rider longer and reduce more.

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Rowing Machines

Rowing machines, with many of them now simulating exact water conditions, also work well in weight loss. The key is to row against the resistance of water as part of this cardio exercise, which is a highly effective calorie burner. The stress on the muscle is huge and the workload gets spread across the whole body, making this a great workout. The best way to work out the treadmill is to set it to the maximum incline, at a 60-second sprint speed.

Exercise Daily


Simulation of dynamic stress is also achieved with a stepmill, which replicates the conditions of climbing stairs. A tough cardio exercise, this is extremely beneficial as it carries the effect of a fast-moving escalator, with the steps continuously moving under your feet.


Practice Boxing

Talking of cardio workouts, did you know that boxing is a real good way of losing calories fast? So put on the boxing gloves at the gym and exercise your way to fitness. Practicing boxing everyday can tone your muscle and cut down the extra fats in your body through the burning of calories.


Discipline Is The Key

These exercises need to be followed rigorously under disciplined conditions for maximum effect. You need to plan out your workout in such a way that your calories get burnt at a healthy pace, and remain that way. Performing the workouts in a set sequence is extremely helpful in maintaining the pace and extent of weight loss over a period of time. Plan out a schedule and stick to it. Experts say that your workout plan should ideally be a 30-minute one, undertaken two to three times a week. It’s important also to know how much and how frequently you should rest your body in between workouts.


Do It The Right Way

Working out the right routine is also critical to the success of your workout plan. If the treadmill, boxing stand, etc. is not doing enough for you, check out if the procedure you are following is right in the first place. So if you are basically into walking, maybe you need to add a bit of jogging in between for better results. Couple these exercises with active stretches, no-equipment cardio, dumbbells, Swiss Ball, super circuit and kettlebell workouts, and see the cellulite wearing off your body. It’s all about getting the technique right. So if you find that some or most of these exercises together are not working for you, maybe it’s not because of your body but simply a wrong way of doing them.

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