8 Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer Women Should Not Ignore

Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer Women

Lung cancer is a threatening a very common name in the disease which can cause numerous unexpected complications! Lung cancer is identified as a tumor in the lungs and starts developing in the other surrounding areas. It is a malignant tumor which spreads in the nearby areas and get affected these organs and tissues with the cancer cells. Lungs are one of the most significant and important parts of the respiratory system of human body. Within the chest, these lungs provide the smooth working of the respiratory system and flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide! Finding cancer in the early stage would simply save you from the vital and complicated effects of the cancer cells which would spread with time. There are numerous signs which indicate and act as symptoms of lung cancer. Women must notice and consult the doctor for a lung cancer test of they are too suffering from these signs.

Here Are The Significant Signs Of Lung Cancer, Women Must Not Avoid!

1. Constant Coughing

If you have the habit of smoking and are prone towards smoking quite much a day, constant coughing must not be normal for you. If you are infected with cold and cough the coughing would rapidly disappear within maximum a time span of a week. If you do not get rid of these issues and the cough changes from thick cough, cough in deeper organs, and little blood during cough etc changes are noticed, this is a steer clear sign that something is wrong with your lungs and you may get into lung cancer. Do not take this sign lightly!

Constant Coughing

2. Short Breath

Due to tumor and cysts, the patient of lung cancer starts developing some abnormalities during breathing. Shortness of breath is one of the very common and dangerous signs which show you may have lung cancer. If you significantly feel shortness of breath and feel uncomfortable while breathing, talking, eating due to short breath, you surely need a checkup! The paths from where the air passes, gets blocked due to lung cancer which is a primary cause of short breath. Go for a checkup if you feel it regularly!

Short Breath

3. Regular Blood In Cough

Blood during coughing is not a small and casual sign. Sometimes you may feel that the cough is dark and also witness blood oozing out of your mouth. But if you are constantly suffering from this, and every time you cough, you get blood in your cough, this is the sign which reflect lung issues. This is the most prominent sign which you must not ignore if you are a regular drinker or smoker.

Regular Blood In Cough

4. Loss Of Appetite

Lung cancer develops a sense of lost appetite too. If you are not able to eat anything due to lost appetite and feeling of no hunger, you can easily identify what this sign signifies. If you have the habit of smoking and drinking too much a day, you must follow this sign and consult a doctor for proper checkup. This may lead to lung cancer!

Loss Of Appetite

5. Pain In The Chest And Shoulders

Due to constant coughing, you would start getting pain in the chest and shoulders. Due to the tumor, the areas in your respiratory system start facing shortage of air passage and this leads to cough a d constant cough! Due to this constant coughing, your shoulders, chest and bones would start getting painful! This s a condition which reflects some danger!

Pain In The Chest And Shoulders

6. Weight Loss And Tiredness

Du to loss of appetite and due to the negative impact of lung cancer on your body, you mat start feeling that you have lost a lot of weight. Also you feel tired and weak all the time. Due to loss of appetite your food consumption gets restricted and you lose weight. Also nausea, fatigue are the signs which showcases issues and problems in your lungs. If these are the signs you are observing highly nowadays, soon consult your doctor!

Weight Loss And Tiredness


7. Changes In The Voice

Along with changes in the cough and cold, your voice would also get changed. Due to constant coughing, deeper cough, jammed cough and shortage of breathing, you would notice significant changes in your voice too. If you feel pressure while breathing and speaking and your voice have changed really deeper and denser, you must consult a doctor for proper diagnosis!

Changes In The Voice

8. Constant Chest Infections

Chest infections are very common if you are suffering from lung cancer. The nearby areas and organs of the lungs like the bronchi would catch infections frequently and infections like bronchitis and pneumonia would catch you and never return! If you are not able to get rid of severe cold, cough and such infections, this is a time to consult a doctor for lung cancer diagnosis for sure!

Constant Chest Infections

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