8 Ways To Cope With Cervical Cancer Symptoms

To know that you have cancer is shocking news for all women. Many women are led to a state of shock when they discover that they have cervical cancer and many others have succumbed to death after having discovered cervical cancer in its advanced stages

Coping with any disease requires tremendous courage and mental stamina. With cancer, the strength needs to be more firm and you will need all the support and love of near and dear ones. Be positive and be ready to face what comes your way. Strength and will power goes a long way in curing any disease, especially cancer. Here are some ways to cope with the cervical cancer.

1. Be aware of the stage of cancer you are in. If it is the early stage like a stage 0 or 1, you can be almost sure that you will be completely relieved. There is also a fair chance that you will come out unscathed without disturbing your infertility. The only thing you need right now is to surround yourself with friends and relatives who can give you care, strength and support.

2. Advanced stages of cervical cancer require chemotherapy and radiotherapy and even hysterectomy if the cancer is much advanced. Ensure that you understand the implications of these treatment methods and if you plan to have kids in future, keep your eggs or embryo frozen for future use or discuss other options with your doctor before undergoing the treatment itself.

3. Look for infections and other symptoms that can be dangerous after you have had a chemotherapy or radiotherapy. These symptoms will be treated by the doctor and sometimes antibiotics are administered. These treatment methods have very bad side effects which, must be discussed with the doctor and adequate measures taken in order to prevent and control them.

4. Pain killers can be taken if you have severe pain in the pelvic region, neck, legs etc. Women sometimes become anaemic as well due to the heavy menstruation for which iron tablets can be taken. Infections, vaginal dryness and vaginal discharge too might need antibiotics to be administered.

5. For heavy menstruation birth control pills can be taken after consultation with the doctor. This will help in reducing heavy menstruation and related anaemia.

6. It is also important to follow the instructions given the by doctor during the entire treatment period. Medications must be taken on time and without fail. Activities like sexual intercourse must be avoided if you have done a cone biopsy or any other testing method that has irritated the cervical lining and requires time for healing.

7. After chemotherapy, care must be taken to stay in a clean environment to prevent infections in the vagina. Avoid all acidic food during the entire treatment period as cancer cells grow uncontrollably in acidic environments.

8. Cervical cancer has a good survival rate even during the advanced stages and hence you must never lose heart. Keep your mind strong by doing yoga and meditation and make sure that you are never left along to ponder over your condition and make matters worse.