8 Ways To Lose Weight Super Fast

Lose Weight Super Fast

Fastest way of losing weight’ is probably the most searched topic on the internet today because more and more people are becoming health conscious and want to get rid of the extra fat on their bodies. The need to look good and attractive is another reason for shedding fat because people want to look their best at all times.

Reasons for weight loss differ from person to person. What is important is losing weight the right and healthy way. Many of us are aware of the unhealthy ways of losing weight that include starving and use of slimming pills. Remember, weight lost as a result of starving or any such unhealthy practices is going to come back once you start eating. You cannot starve yourself forever or be dependent on weight loss pills throughout your life.

There are healthy and quick ways to lose weight. In this article we will discuss some of these ways which can help you quickly shed off the extra flab.

Ways To Lose Weight Super Fast

1. Eat Almonds For Losing Weight

Studies have shown that almonds are very good for losing weight. Eating 20-30 pieces of almonds daily will keep your tummy full for a longer time thus reducing your need to binge on unhealthy snacks in between meal times. Start your day with a handful of almonds and a glass of skimmed milk. This will keep you from eating in between until your lunch time.


Sprinkle slivers of almond on your salad to make it tasty and healthy. Eat 10-15 pieces of almonds between 4 and 5 in the evening with a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea. Evening is the time when most of us tend to feel hungry. Eating almonds will effectively take care of your hunger pangs.

2. Chew On Fennel For Losing Weight

Most of us use fennel for improving our breath or chew them post a heavy meal to digest the food. However, did you know fennel is also good for controlling hunger pangs. Carry a packet of fennel with you at all times. At the slightest inclination of eating something unhealthy, put a handful of fennel seeds in your mouth and slowly chew on them.

Fennel Seeds

Drink half a glass of water after chewing fennel. Fennel will effectively take care of the hunger pangs and also help in removal of toxic waste from the body which is important for increasing the metabolism and getting rid of the extra fat.

3. Eat Apples For Losing Weight

Studies have shown that apple is the best fruit for losing weight. Not only is apple low in calories (86 calories per apple), it also keeps the tummy from feeling hungry. Apple juice is also good for digestion. Eating three apples a day should do the trick and help you lose weight. But do not consume more than five apples every day.


Eat an apple for breakfast, an apple ten minutes before lunch, an apple for evening snack or ten minutes before dinner. This way you will tend to eat less as apple will keep your tummy fuller.

4. Drink Water For Losing Weight

Drinking eight to ten glasses of water is the best way of losing weight and keeping your body free of toxins and other waste. However, if you drink chilled water you will lose more weight.

Drink Water

Our body burns 76 calories for converting one glass of chilled water to a normal temperature. The body cannot use cold water for the process of digestion. And remember, there is no replacement for water; not even fresh fruit juices.

5. Replace Unhealthy Snacks With Healthy Snacks For Losing Weight

When we starve our body the urge to eat fried and sugary food is at its height. The reason is that the body requires its daily dose of carbohydrates. However, by putting the body in starvation mode we deprive it of the required carbs.

Healthy Snacks

Most of us are unable to control our binging habits and end up eating more calories than we can burn. The solution to this problem is not to deprive your body of the required carbohydrates. So substitute all your unhealthy snacks with the healthy ones.

6. Skip Sugar Altogether For Losing Weight

If you want to lose weight fast then get rid of the sugar in your tea and coffee. This may sound upsetting but skipping the sugar entirely will help you with losing weight fast. Don’t be tempted to buy sugar-free sugar cubes as these are only gimmicks to sell the products.


Giving up on sugar and sugar-based products like cakes, chocolates, pastries etc. is the best way of losing weight. Bite into fresh fruits if you are tempted to eat something sweet. The sweet present in fruits in easier to digest and does not accumulate as fat in the body.

7. Perform Exercises For Losing Weight

We are not asking you to take membership of an expensive gym; simply increase your level of daily physical activity to burn more calories. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator at your work place and also in the building where you stay. Park your car some distance away from the office so you get a good walking workout.


Use any break time in the office to squeeze in some form of exercise. You could utilize the lunch breaks or the coffee breaks to take a brisk walk around the office building or around the block. Challenge yourself by cycling or walking to work thrice a week instead of taking the car or any other form of public transportation.

8. Sleep Well For Losing Weight

A restful and peaceful night is very important for losing weight. Many people complain of not losing enough weight despite exercising because they tend to skip on eight hours of sleep every day. When we sleep, our metabolic system uses all the energy to work faster to digest food.

Sleep Well

However, if we don’t get enough sleep the metabolic system does not get the required energy to perform its functions properly. Lower metabolic rate means the body burns calories at a slow rate. This is bad news for people who want to lose weight. Hence get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Also be regular with your sleep timings. Avoid late nights.