9 Benefits Of Cuddling In Women

Benefits Of Cuddling In Women

Cuddling is a mysterious way of making you feel good when you are in a new relationship. Many researches supported this fact with no doubt. You will really miss this when you are alone. You can understand its value only, when you are not without it.

Here Are 9 Benefits Of Cuddling In Women:

Release Of Oxytocin:

When some one cuddles you, a hormone named oxytocin is released in your body, which makes you feel connected to that person. This will instill in you a feeling of security. This will improvise your energy level and will make you fresh and vigorous.

Boost Your Immunity:

Boost Your Immunity

When you are loved by someone and you are with them, oxytocin is released in the body, which makes you invincible. When your immunity level is aggravated, you feel good and happy. Boosting your immunity is done by increasing the level of hormones that fight with the foreign matters causing infection. This will embed in you flowers of positive thoughts.

Pain Relief:

Pain Relief

As cuddling helps in the release of oxytocin and boosting immunity of the human body, it settles a pain relief in you. The good feel emerged from cuddling will reduce the pain in your body. When you are with your loved one, even a small touch or massage from their part will cause the release of oxytocin in large quantity.

Build Up A Strong Bond Between Mother And Newborn:

Build Up A Strong Bond Between Mother And Newborn

Cuddling is the reason for the strong bond between the mother and child, especially at times of breast feeding. It makes the mother feel relaxed and enjoy feeding the baby. It provides her with good sleep, though disturbances occur during the time of early stages of the child.

Intensifies The Relationship:

Intensifies The Relationship

A relationship stands forever when there is good communication and lovable touches. After a day full of work stress, when a spouse comes home and spend time with his or her partner happily, it will relieve that person to get over the stress problems. Cuddle with the better half for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. This will present you with a fresh day that you can never imagine at all. Becoming aware of the enjoyment that you derive from cuddling, it will stimulate you to spare some time with your partner always. Gradually this will strengthen your bond.

Release Of Dopamine:

Cuddling results in the release of dopamine hormone. This make the partners involved in cuddling get interested in sex. A sweet kiss or hug from the partner will build up a new positive attitude in you. Regular sexual activities will only energize you and will improvise your marriage bond.

Repressing Stress:

Repressing Stress

Relationship plays a significant role in controlling the stress you suffer. Oxytocin released during cuddling will strengthen the relationship with your partner and make your immune system healthier by reducing your social anxiety. When putting these things together it will results in the stress relief.

Reduces The Social Anxiety:

Reduces The Social Anxiety

Instead of being alone in life, if with someone to love or with some one to be loved is a great thing, which will decrease your social anxiety. You will feel that you are not alone. This feeling itself will slot in positive thoughts in you. You will approach each and every aspect of life with a positive attitude.

Strengthens Your Cardiovascular System:

Strengthens Your Cardiovascular System

Cuddling makes you happy, which will relax your mind giving you a relaxed body. When the whole body is relaxed, the stress over your cardiovascular system is reduced. This will make more inflow of blood into your heart and other organs. This strengthens the heart and makes it function smoothly and pleasantly. Thus the risk of heart disease is reduced to a great extent.

It is not necessary that you should cuddle with your partner alone. You can cuddle with your kids or children or pets or with your best friends. Or else take a bath in warm water with a good oil massage. This will force your body to release oxytocin as it does in cuddling.