9 Health Benefits And Dangerous Effects Of Fenugreek During Pregnancy

9 Health Benefits And  Dangerous Effects Of Fenugreek During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period of celebration. It is a period of rejoice and anxiety. This is the most important phase in the life of a woman. Pregnant women are always in dilemma about what to eat and what to avoid. It is quite natural. The food which a pregnant woman takes will play major role for a healthy pregnancy. The food taken during the pregnancy must be taken under proper guidance. Because, it is a known fact that healthy pregnancy requires a healthy diet. Fenugreek which is a rich source of medicinal properties also has few side effects. Pregnant woman should be cautious while consuming fenugreek.

Here We Are Sharing With You The Benefits And Side Effects Of Consuming Fenugreek During Pregnancy:

Combats Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant woman who did not suffer from diabetes problem before the pregnancy are tend to have high levels of blood glucose and are more likely to have gestational diabetes. When required amount of insulin cannot be prepared by the body during pregnancy, it results in gestational diabetes. Inadequate insulin cannot help in converting glucose into energy. Thus, the build ups of glucose levels will be increased in the blood. This condition can be termed as hyperglycemia. Moderate consumption of fenugreek seeds help to prevent this condition. Fenugreek is said to be the effective remedy to treat gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Fenugreek is highly effective in stabilizing the levels of blood sugars.


Promotes Lactation

Fenugreek is said to improve the lactation. This was proved in various studies also. As per the studies, it has been revealed that women who regularly consume moderate amount of fenugreek seeds during the phase of pregnancy are tend to notice increased milk production. Increased lactation thus helps to feed the baby. These days many women are facing the problem with lactation because of various health problems. Moderate consumption of fenugreek seeds help in solving this problem.

Transfer From Mother To Baby

Helps In Contraction

Fenugreek is highly helpful for inducing contractions. It has been in use since ages to induce contractions. Thus, fenugreek highly supports in shortening the labor process. By stimulating uterine contractions, fenugreek is highly helpful in inducing child birth.


Encourages The Enlargement Of Breasts

Fenugreek is highly helpful in enlargement of breast. Imbalance of hormones during pregnancy cause disproportionate enlargement of breasts ruing pregnancy. Taking three to four gram of fenugreek helps to solve this problem. This is one of the advantages of consuming fenugreeks during pregnancy.

Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek also has some side effects on pregnant woman. If not taken on proper guidance, it may give adverse results. In order to have a healthy pregnancy, one must consider these side effects before consuming fenugreeks. Pregnancy is an important phase. Pregnant women must have to pay attention on their eating habits. They have to think the benefits and side effects before consuming anything. The same applies to the consumption of fenugreek too.

Here We Are Sharing With You The Side Effects Of Consuming Fenugreek:

Danger Of Preterm Labor

When you consume fenugreek during your pregnancy, it may also result in preterm labor. If you are nearing to your delivery date, and you are consuming fenugreek, contractions are beneficial for you. But, if you are showing the symptoms of contractions long before the delivery date, it is a risk of your pregnancy. Pregnancy might end up with miscarriage or pre-term birth.


Indigestion Problem

Pregnant women who consume fenugreek regularly tend to suffer from the problem of indigestion. It may result in nausea and stomach upset. You may also find the symptoms of diarrhea and bloating. Hence, one must be very careful in consuming fenugreek seeds during pregnancy as it may cause various digestive problems.


Urine Odor

Many pregnant women who consume fenugreek seeds may suffer from this problem. Fenugreeks consumption results in smelly urine that is similar to the smell of a maple syrup. Most of the pregnant women tend to mistaken this problem with maple syrup disease. Urine of the person affected with maple syrup disease smells like a maple syrup. This is a potentially dangerous disorder. Hence, this creates unnecessary tension in pregnant woman.

urine odor

Prone To Allergies

Fenugreek also causes allergic reaction in pregnant woman. Allergic reactions like nasal congestion, coughing, swelling, wheezing and other various severe conditions can be observed. Although fenugreek offers various health benefits, pregnant woman must be careful while consuming fenugreeks.

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Interaction With Drug

Fenugreek may reduce the affects of the medicines used during pregnancy. Consumption of fenugreek reduces the effect of various medicines that are used for blood clotting. This is a dangerous effect of consuming fenugreek during pregnancy.

Fenugreek Seeds
Most of the pregnant women worry about each and every thing during pregnancy. Pregnant women tend to have lot of confusion regarding dos and don’ts during pregnancy. They must be very careful about their pregnancy. Hope this article is informative and helpful. We wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.