9 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

Warts are a common problem but they become uncomfortable when they occur on the genitalia. The main reason for the discomfort is because people often don’t get treated for genital warts due to embarrassment. ‘Genital pimples’ is the other name for genital warts. They are formed when the human papilloma virus or HPV infects the human body. There are some 100 subtypes of known HPV and around 30 subtypes cause infection in the genitalia. The genital warts make their appearance on the skin a couple of months after the virus enters the body. Genital warts are white in color and are formed on the outer skin of the genitals. In some cases the warts can be the color of the skin as well. They occur in various sizes ranging from small to large. They usually form clusters that resemble cauliflower.

The warts are mainly found on the skin of pelvis, the scrotum, the anus and in some cases, the thighs. In women, the warts also appear on the skin of the vulva and the vagina. In very rare cases do the warts occur inside the vagina and the cervix. Sometimes the genital warts can spread from vagina to anus and the surrounding skin without any anal intercourse having taken place. It can be difficult to spot the warts that are formed inside the vagina or the cervix.

One sign of genital warts affecting the cervix is light bleeding post sexual intercourse. If the warts are present inside the vagina the color of the vaginal discharge turns light pink. Like mentioned earlier, warts appear in clusters; but they can be single too. There is no pain involved during the formation of warts. However, the skin affected by the warts becomes extremely itchy.

Poor hygiene is often the reason for formation of genital warts. The genital skin remains covered under layers of clothing which makes it impossible for the pores of the skin to breathe fresh air. The pores of the genital skin trap sweat, urine and bacteria; this clogging of skin pores is responsible for formation of genital warts.

Treatment For Genital Warts

Genital warts need to be treated in time to prevent the spread of infection to other parts of the body. There are prescriptions as well as OTC medicines available for the treatment of genital warts. However, many people are shy to discuss or get themselves checked for genital warts. In such cases natural remedies can provide safe and effective relief from genital warts.

How To Treat Genital Warts At Home?

Genital warts can be gotten rid of entirely by being regular with the treatment and by maintaining good genital hygiene.

1.    Wash the genitals using medicated soap and warm water. Never use any fragranced products like soaps, deos, perfumes or wipes on the genital area. The chemicals of the synthetic fragrances are very strong and can further aggravate the condition. When using soap to clean the area make sure that the soap is removed completely or soap particles will clog the skin pores of the genitals.

Soap And Warm Water

2.    Use a natural scrub made from oatmeal and water to exfoliate the skin of the genitalia. Mix one tablespoon coarsely powdered oatmeal with sufficient quantity of water to make a paste. Wet the genitals and apply the scrub. Massage the skin of the genitals using the scrub. Exfoliation will get rid of the dirt, grim, sweat, dead skin cells, bacteria and the sebum that clog the pores. Exfoliation will reveal clean and fresh skin. Exfoliating the skin regularly will help treat and prevent genital warts.

Homemade Scrub

3.    Use cold compress to treat the itching and inflammation caused by the warts. Take a zip lock bag and fill it with few ice cubes. Apply the cold compress directly over the genital skin. Dry the area once you are done using the cold compress. The need to scratch the pimples can be intense but you must avoid it. Scratching can burst open the wart and spread the infection to surrounding areas. Bursting the warts will also delay their healing.

4.    Fill bathtub with warm water. Add a cup of Epsom salt to the warm water and mix well. Soak yourself in this Epsom salt bath for 20-30 minutes. Dry the genitals thoroughly using a hair dryer. Epsom salt bath will give you relief from itching and also reduce the inflammation of the warts. The salt draws out the extra oil from the skin thus drying the warts.

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5.    Never leave your genitals wet or moist. It provides the various bacteria, fungi and virus the ideal environment for breeding. Use a soft towel or hair dryer to dry the skin of the genitals completely. Women should use panty liners if they experience heavy vaginal discharge. Drying the warts will also help them heal quicker.

6.    Take 1 teaspoon of tea tree essential oil and mix with four drops of olive oil. Apply the oil mixture on the warts in an even and thin layer. Leave for 10-12 minutes to dry. The antibacterial properties of tea tree essential oil will effective treat genital warts. The oil is also very helpful in preventing spread of the warts to the surrounding skin. Tea tree oil also dries up the warts by removing the extra oil from the pores. Dried warts have a faster healing rate.

7.    Do not wear underwear for more that 6-8 hours; change your underwear after every couple of hours if your skin sweats a lot. Sweaty and dirty underwear trap bacteria and other micro-organisms which lead to infection.

8.    Do not wear underwear made using lycra or nylon. Synthetic fabrics are chemically treated and are hence more prone to catching infection causing bacteria. Wearing man-made fabrics will also make you sweat a lot which leads to clogging of pores and ultimately results in formation of warts. Wear cotton underwear because cotton is completely natural fabric and also helps absorb the extra moisture from the skin.

9.    Undergarments should always be washed separately and in hot boiling water. This gets rid of any trapped bacteria inside the fabric. Use a strong detergent or soap to wash the underwear. Take care that the soap is completely removed from the fabric. Any traces of chemicals on the underwear can irritate the already sensitive skin of the genitals.