9 Natural Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

9 Natural Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Many of you all may think that going on diet and severe exercise are the only ways by which you can lose weight. This is not true because you need to accept the fact that these are just one of the ways by which you can lose weight. To lose weight and shape in shape, you will have to increase your metabolism. If you are able to increase your metabolism then you will see that all the consumed food will be used by the body, in the form of energy, and hence, the accumulation of fats in the body will be automatically reduced.

Start Early

Starting your day in the morning is one of the easiest ways by which you can be active throughout the day. To burn the fats in your body, you will have to be active. If you are sluggish then your body movement will be less and ultimately you will gain weight. You can wake up at 7 AM and go for a walk. The sunlight in the morning will make you feel fresh and good so this energy will be carried on with you for the complete day.

early wake up


Your breakfast should be packed with protein as proteins can help you to lose the unwanted weight. If you are not sure about this then you can try to eat Greek yoghurt or eggs as a part of your breakfast. This will ensure that you feel full till your lunch break and then you can enjoy your lunch. If your breakfast is light then you will start to feel hungry in sometime and then ultimately, you will start munching and this will create an impact on your lunch. Food intake at random timings can spoil your metabolism.

Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner


Are you addicted to coffee? If yes, then it’s time to change now. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine and hence, it is better that you avoid it. Tea will help you to improve the digestion and this is considered to be good for the metabolism too. If you are looking for something better then you can consume green tea. This will help you to cleanse your body completely. If you consume tea on regular basis then you will be able to lose at least 100 extra calories, on daily basis.

Chamomile Tea

Stand Up To Take Call

While you are sitting in office, at least once or twice in a day, you may be getting call from your family members, friends or relatives. Just take your call and walk rather than that of attending the call while you are sitting at your place. This will help your body to be active and hence, your metabolism will be automatically boosted.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate consumption can also help you to lose weight by way of increasing your metabolism. This doesn’t mean that you end up eating all the dark chocolates that are available. You should have only 2 ounces of dark chocolate on daily basis. Dark chocolates contain flavonoids that have the potential to regulate the metabolism and hence, this can be really beneficial to your health.

Dark Chocolate

Consume Water

It is very important that you consume sufficient water throughout the day. You should drink at least 5 to 6 liters of water on daily basis. Water will help you to move all the calories from your body. Water consumption will flush the toxins in the urine. This is also very good for your skin as well.

Consume Plenty Of Water

Bye To Aerated Drinks

Aerated drinks are something that we all love to have but that is not good for our health and also for our metabolism. You can consume some juice, instead of aerated drinks, that can increase the water content in your body.

Flat Sodas Are Good For You


Every day you should ensure that you laugh for at least 10 minutes in a day. This will help your body muscles to move and ultimately this will help you to improve the metabolism. Laughing will also help you to reduce the stress that you went through all throughout the day. At the end of the day, you can call your friend who makes you laugh and this can be the best moment of your day.


Sleeping Peacefully

Sleeping peacefully is one of the best ways by which you can improve the metabolism. Research study states that if you sleep for 9 hours in a day then your carving for salt and sweet will be reduced and this will ultimately create a positive impact on your metabolism. It is always better that you go to bed at 10 PM so that you can start back your day at 7 AM. Also ensure that you stick to the same timings for going to bed so that your sleep pattern is not disturbed.

Changing Your Sleeping Schedule