9 Reasons For Spotting Before Period That You Should Be Aware Of

Reasons For Spotting Before Period

Heavy or light bleeding during period is completely different from noticing light bleeding, called spotting before your period. It might cause confusion and anxiety and you will think about running to the doctor to find out if something is wrong. However, in majority of the cases, spotting is normal and there is nothing to be worried about. Here we have listed a few causes for you to understand why spotting occurs and when it is necessary to meet the doctor.

Reasons For Spotting Before Period:

1. Birth Control

Birth control can alter the body and cause slight spotting in between the period cycle. Especially, when you have IUD inserted, spotting before period is common in the initial six months. In case, you are taking oral contraceptives, spotting can occur when you start and stop taking the pills.

Birth Control

2. Ovulation

Spotting two-weeks ahead of your period is an indication of ovulation. Do not panic on reading this because egg breaking through can result in slight bleeding and when the blood gets mixed with cervical fluid, you get pink discharge. This is actually a healthy sign that you are ovulating. Some may even feel a twinge on one side along with light to heavy spotting.

3. Stress

When you are stressed, your body produces cortisol, the stress hormone, which messes with the other hormonal levels and results in irregular period or spotting in unusual time between periods. Extreme stress can even stop periods in some women.  So, find some natural ways to de-stress yourself and stay calm.


4. Pregnancy

When fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining, there are chances of occurrence of slight bleeding, which is called implantation bleeding. This results in pinkish or brownish spots accompanied by cramping some times. This could be the first signal of pregnancy, but if bleeding heavy and continuous, contact the doctor for further diagnosis.


5. Thyroid Problem

Thyroid imbalance can result in spotting or irregular periods. Hypothyroidism has an impact on your menstrual cycle and can cause spotting and heavy bleeding during period. If you experience spotting along with weight loss, fatigue, hair loss, mood changes, inflammation and pain in front neck, etc, get an appointment and discuss with the doctor.

Thyroid Problem


6. Uterine Fibroids

Spotting accompanied by symptoms such as pain in the pelvic region, painful period, heavy bleeding, constipation, pain in legs, etc are sign indicating fibroids. Nearly, 70% of women have fibroids and there are a lot of treatments available to cure the condition, so no worries, just consult the doctor.

Uterine Fibroids

7. Perimenopausal

As you approach menopause, light bleeding or brown or pink spotting can occur before your period. Also, during this transitional phase, the periods are irregular and sometimes heavy. You might also experience occasional spotting a week before the onset of your periods. This is because, during perimenopause, the hormone levels might become irregular and will not follow the usual pattern of ovulation.


8. Urethral Prolapse

Bladder is connected to the outside of the body through a tube called urethra, which helps carry urine from your bladder to the opening in the urethra. When the lining inside the urethra projects through the urethral opening then urethral prolapse occurs. This condition can irritate the vagina causing spotting or discharge of small amounts of blood.

9. On Medications such as Anticoagulants

Blood thinners or anticoagulants help prevent clotting of blood or averts the existing blood clots from growing. This drug is taken to prevent formation of clots in the arteries, veins or heart. One of the side effects of anticoagulants is spotting, which occurs before your periods or sometimes, bleeding could be more than normal.

On Medications such as Anticoagulants