9 Symptoms And Steps To Prevent Gallstone In Women


There are some diseases that affect  more when a woman nears 40 or gradually moves to middle age. Gallstone is one of such diseases. Gallstone or stone in the gallbladder takes place when one of the elements bilirubin in the bile (which galbladder releases to help in digestion procedure) gets hard and blocks the exit passage of the gallbladder. According to experts or doctors stone in gallbladder sometimes doest not create any problem but sometimes it becomes a headache and starts to create physical discomforts for the patient. As a result several symptoms start showing up. Gallstone related problem is more frequent among women.

List Of 9 Symptoms And Steps To Prevent Gallstone In Women

Symptoms Of Gallstone

The symptoms which suggest that there may be stone in the gallbladder include abdominal discomfort which include gas, bloating, problem in digestion, pain in the upper right part of the abdomen, vomiting, nausea, fever with chilly feeling. Apart from these if there is pain after eating rich meal , pain occurring in the upper back then these could be the signs of gallstone. Patient of gallstone are likely to contact jaundice or have stools which have color that somewhat resembles soil or clay.


Here Are 8 Steps To Prevent Gallstone In Women

Avoid Rich Foods Filled In Unhealthy Fat

Too prevent gallstone a woman should avoid foods rich in fats like red meat, processed foods, foods rich in sugar, fried foods and whole-dairy products.

 Fried Foods

Lower The Intake Of Foods That Are Rich In Carbohydrate

Doctors or experts advice to lower or contain the intake of foods that are rich in carbohydrate to prevent gallstone. Foods such as pasta, white breads etc can be avoided for the sake of remaining free from gallstone related problems.


Lower The Content Of Alcohol And Coffee

Today women specially modern working women drink or smoke to get relived from work stress. Doctors do not advice to forsake drinking for gallstone. They say that women must lower the content of their intake of alcohol to prevent the disease. This also suits for drink like coffee also. A woman can take her morning coffee regularly.

avoid alcohol

Stop Getting Obese

Experts say that a woman who is obese and does not do physical work is running at risk of getting gallstone. So a woman must do physical work and build up a good food habit so that weight does not increase.


Eat Healthy Foods Like Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts

Now for things and foods a woman should do or eat to prevent gallstone in her. Experts say that green vegetables, fruits and nuts such as walnut, almond as well as other foods which are low in fat content are most suitable for eating to combat gallstone.


Eat Fish To Prevent Gallstone

According to experts fish like tuna, salmon, trout etc are rich in a substance called Omega 3 fatty acid that is helpful in preventing several diseses in human being including gallstone. So a woman should build up a habit of eating fish if she wants to prevent this disese.


Exercise Is Must To Prevent Gallstone

This is related to obesity somewhat. But a woman who exercises for about 30 minutes regularly or at least five times in a week can prevent many diseases including gallstone from taking place.


New Mother Should Breastfeed Her Baby

Researches have found that new mothers who breastfeed their babies regularly are able to stop many diseases from occurring. These diseases include gallstone or gallbladder related problems also.