9 Top Lip Augmentation Options And Side Effects

9 Top Lip Augmentation Options And Side Effects

Science has developed a lot and huge numbers of steps are taken to enhance natural beauty. Lip augmentation is one such kind of process that helps to enhance the look of the lip. This process will help to restructure the lips and match it to the face structure. It will not only help to provide a good smile but will also help to add beauty to the face. There are various types of techniques as well as options that can be followed while doing Lip augmentation.

Transferring Fat

This process is carried out with a technique known as liposuction. Fat from other part of the body is taken and used in the augmentation process to provide desired results.

transferring fat


Radiance is a process in Lip augmentation that includes use of synthetic things made of calcium. This is a kind of water type of gel that can be injected after applying local anesthesia.


Lip Implant

Implants can be inserted to the lips with the help of tiny incisions. Both synthetic and natural implant can be used in this process. You need to decide about this process as it is expensive.

lip implant


This process of Lip augmentation involves use of connective tissue in the lips for proper results. The connective tissues are taken from the other body part and used in the lips for best results. It needs to be done every year to maintain the same look of lips.


Lifting Lip

In this case the lip is lifted slightly upwards by inserting some incision under the nose area. This will shorten the skin and thus the lip will automatically get lifted to certain height.

lip lifting

Various Types Of Side Effects Caused Due To Lip Augmentation:


Bleeding is a very common scene that can be seen near the area where the injections are applied. It needs to be handled with care; else excess bleeding can lead to loss of blood.


Prolonged Swelling

Swelling is a very common feature of Lip augmentation as the lip and the nearby area will undergo swelling to high extent. In some cases, the intensity of swelling will remain for more number of days.



Materials that are used for insertion inside the lips in case of implant can also cause infection and thus lead to serious results.


Irregularities Formed In The Lip

The lip can also suffer from various types of irregularities that can cause serious issue in later period of time.