9 Ways To Deal With Incontinence During Pregnancy

Ways To Deal With Incontinence During Pregnancy

Incontinence during pregnancy is a very general cause which numerous women face during their pregnancy phase. Incontinence during pregnancy includes stress incontinency which deprives the ability of a woman to control the urine. The sphincter muscles are prone to control and regulate the flow of urine which gets hyperactive or inactive during pregnancy and during incontinency resulting into no control over the organs. The stress and pressure on the bladder can get some embarrassing and unavoidable conditions for women! Due to the oddly changes during pregnancy, women are highly affected by this condition. Stress incontinency and urine incontinency result generally into same conditions which causes troubles and issues in controlling the way urination works.

Here Are Some Ways To Deal With Incontinency During Pregnancy Which Can Help!

1. Kegel Workouts

Kegel workouts and exercises are not only good for improving your sexual life but also they can work wonders on pregnancy incontinence. The main aim of the kegel exercises is to control your organs like the urinary tract and to strengthen your pelvic area. Contraction of the pelvic muscles during performing the kegel workouts would help you in controlling your urine in a very wider basis. Go for kegel exercises if you simply want to deal naturally with incontinence!

Kegel Workouts

2. Drink High Amount Of Water And Various Fluids

Fluids are the best way to fight incontinence during pregnancy. Though high amount of water can cause frequent urination, it also helps in balancing the flow of urine. Incontinence during pregnancy can cause various infections and disease in your urinary tract and bladder which needs to be avoided. To hinder the after circumstances of incontinence, drink a lot of fluids and stay hydrated while balancing incontinence.

Drink High Amount Of Water And Various Fluids

3. Avoid Smoking, Alcohol And Caffeine

These are some of the additions women have but they are not aware regarding the health negatives of these elements. Especially alcohol is quite prone to irritate and create various infections in your urinary system and damage it. Also high amount of caffeine and smoking would result into high leaks and extreme feel of urinating which gets hard to control. Avoid such beverages and items which can intensify your need of peeing.

Avoid Smoking, Alcohol And Caffeine

4. Go For Regular Urinating

You already know that your urinary organs and bladder have lost control over your urination process and thus, you yourself are the one who can manage it. The gaps and regular intervals and urinate frequently to avoid incontinence. Try urinating every 30-40 minutes so that you may not have to face weird conditions due to lost control over urinating at some places you never want it to happen! This would reduce the storage and urgency of urinating while giving you proper breaks and time to urinate!

Go For Regular Urinating

5. Use Panty Liners

It is simply great to use panty inners in such conditions where you know your urine is to get leaked and flow! Panty liners are a great escape from getting smell and constant wetness during pregnancy. You can use various panty liners which would give amazing benefits. It would help in controlling the little leaked urine, would protect stains and would get you a safer outing!

Use Panty Liners

6. Eat Metabolism Booster Foods

Fresh and nutrient foods like fibrous foods, whole grains, and leafy vegetables would help in controlling conditions which can apply a huge pressure and stress on your bladder. Some foods are heavy to digest which would lead into constipation and would make it troublesome for you! Constipation would have great impact on your bladder which would even worsen the condition. Thus go for high fiber, nutrient rich foods which can boost your metabolism avoiding constipation and bladder stress.

Eat Metabolism Booster Foods

7. Do Not Lift Heavy Weight

Lifting heavy weight would get some immense pressure on your bladder which would result into emergency urinating condition. The more pressure your bladder suffers, the more hectic it would become for you to manage and control your urination. Avoid lifting weight which can get your situation more cumbersome!

Do Not Lift Heavy Weight

8. Control Your Weight

Weight gain is one of the conditions which can lead to extreme pressure on your bladder. The cause of incontinence is mainly bladder stress and tension which can get enhanced due to heavy weight. Control your weight gain and maintain the ideal weight you should gain and balance during pregnancy.

Control Your Weight

9. Consult A Doctor And Go For Medications

If your conditions are getting to high and immense to control by your own, you must consult a doctor for proper guidance and medications. The doctor would suggest you the best ways on how you can control your incontinence and urination and avoid any embarrassing situation!

Consultation From The Doctors