A Complete Guide To Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery The surgical modification of the eyelid is defined as eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. Reinforcement of the surrounding tendons and muscles is done along with repositioning or removal of excess tissue such as that of fat or skin. This surgery can be cosmetic or even functional.

Functional reasons often necessitate blepharoplasty. People may suffer from lack of peripheral vision when skin is protruding over the eyelashes because of an excess amount of skin on the upper eyelid.

When Do You Need Surgery

Eyelid surgery is needed in the following cases like the natural fold of the upper eyelids is obscured by excess skin. Impaired vision because of lose skin that hangs down from the upper eyelid. Eyes tired because the upper eyelids have a puffy appearance. Lower eyelids marked with fine wrinkles and excess skin. Droopiness of lower eyelids or dark circles or bags surrounding the eyes.

Problems Rectified By Eyelid Surgery

The aforementioned problems can be eliminated with aesthetic eyelid surgery, but some other treatments should be checked as well. For instance, a forehead life is advised when the eyebrows sag along with the condition of the upper eyelid.

Under Eye Circles

Laser resurfacing procedures, chemical peeling or Botox can smooth out crow’s feet. Fillers like chemical peel, bleaching solution and even fat or Hyaluronic Acid can be used to treat the circles under the eyes that occur due to dark pigmentation. Any queries relating to these additional procedures can be answered by your plastic surgeon.

Procedure of Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery

The appearance of your eyelids can be improved with the help of one of the various surgical techniques. Many factors will be considered by your plastic surgeon for determining the particular technique.

Procedure of Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery

The condition of the muscles around the eyelids, the position of the eyebrows and the amount of excess skin and fat near the eyelids are some of them. The same results cannot be achieved via eyelid surgery because of individual factors. The best technique that can give the desired outcome will be selected by the plastic surgeon.

Eyelid surgery can be performed on either the upper or lower eyelid or even both. Here’s an insight-

Upper Eyelids

In the natural folds of the eyelids, an incision is hidden usually that extends a little away from the outside corner into existing creases like laugh lines when upper eyelid surgery is performed. Excess fatty and skin tissue are removed with the aid of this incision. The incision remains inconspicuous because it follows the natural line of the eyelids.

Lower Eyelids

Just below the lower lashes is where the incision is hidden when lower eyelid surgery is performed. Excess fat, muscle and skin are eliminated with the incision. Bulges and puffiness may also be removed by distributing fat. Special problems like muscle laxity may also be dealt with by performing other procedures.

Similar to upper eyelid surgery, the scar can heal easily and inconspicuously because it’s hidden within the natural crease lines of the eyes. An incision may also be placed within the lower eyelid if you surgeon decides it’s the right place. However, excess skin cannot be removed with this incision. The lower eyelid skin may be tightened through laser that’s used in conjunction with this process.