Abdominal Exercises During Pregnancy

Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal Exercises Exercise plays a vital role for every pregnant woman. It helps you maintain the shape of the body and keeps your muscles of the body well toned. Abdominal muscles are highly used during the delivery time to push the baby out and hence it is essential to perform abdominal exercises during pregnancy to strengthen it. Also owing to the additional weight of your baby, you might experience severe pain in the back.

These exercises also help to improve your posture and enhance the strength of your abdomen. It also helps the condition called diastasis recti, which occurs usually occurs during later period of pregnancy which is the tissue separation in the abdomen. Performing these abdominal exercises during the first and second trimesters would help you alleviate all these complications further. Read this article further to know about these exercises.

Exercises During Pregnancy

Side Crunch

The side crunch is one among popular abdominal exercises during pregnancy. Lie on your right side and keep your right arm above your head against the floor. Place your left hand at the back of your head.

side crunch

Now bend your knees slightly while extending the left elbow to reach the left knee. Bend the knees slightly and extend the left elbow to reach the left knee. Stay in the position for few seconds and repeat the movement with 25 reps per set.

Modified Crunch

Keep pillows for your head and lie flat on your back so that your head is above your heart. Bend the knees slowly to 45 degrees while placing the feet flat on the floor. Now keep both the hands behind your head. Now bring your upper torso from the pillow and try to touch the knees with your elbows.

Modified Crunch

Hold this position for a second and then lie back on the pillow. Perform 25 reps per set. Do not perform more of this exercise if you feel lightheaded or giddy. Stop immediately and take some rest.

Pelvic Tilts

These abdominal exercises are very helpful in late stages of pregnancy when you feel uncomfortable to sit on the floor. Keep your feet apart and support your back against the wall. Keep your heels away from the wall with 12 inch difference and tilt the hips slightly and rock back and forth.

Pelvic Tilts

Now lower the back slowly that it touches the wall. Stay in this position for five seconds and repeat this 10 times per set. Make sure that you are completely relaxed while performing the workouts and don’t do if you are too excited or nervous.

Pelvic lift

These abdominal exercises during pregnancy are for upper abs. Lie on your back and then slightly bend the knees up. Place your hands behind your head or across the chest. Slowly take off your bottom from the floor until the shoulders and feet are touching the floor. Then tight the glutens and hold it for about 5 seconds while staying in the position. Repeat this 10 times every day and even more if you can. These exercises help you strengthen your pelvic muscles and abdomen muscles and give it excellent strength.