Alternative Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Alternative Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Alternative Ovarian Cancer Treatment Abnormal cell multiplication inside the ovaries leads to ovarian cancer. Though only a miniscule of the population suffers from ovarian cancer, millions of women fall prey to the condition due to late diagnosis and resultant complications.

Though the normal procedure for treating ovarian cancer is through the use of surgical measures like hysterectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, these methods are effective only when the cancer is detected early.

Many of us have not explored other possibilities like alternative therapy for ovarian cancer. A number of methods can be tried along with the regular treatment or as an exclusive treatment method with alternative medicine if you believe in its powers. Here are some suggestions about possible alternative treatment methods that you may undertake for ovarian cancer.

Alternative Ovarian Cancer Treatment Methods

Essential Fatty Acids

There are many ways through which nature can facilitate and complete relief from cancer. However, much depends on the stage of cancer and the immune system response to these treatment methods. Research shows that omega 3 fatty acids are capable of stopping and preventing cancerous formation in the body.

If your cancer is detected early enough, you may possibly try retracting it through the intake of omega 3 fatty acids as diet and supplements. Salmon, mackerel, flax seeds and many other natural foods contain essential fatty acids.

High Protein Diet

A diet that is rich in protein is capable of repairing damaged cells in the body. Protein rich foods like lean meat, yoghurt, fish, eggs, beans etc. can be used exclusively or along with other foods to get the maximum benefit from it. These foods taken along with the treatment will help in accelerating the healing of the damaged tissues. As treatment methods can play havoc with your appetite, you can break your meals into smaller portions so that the body will remain well nourished throughout the treatment method.

Antioxidant Benefit

All foods with antioxidants are known to reduce the instances of cancer. Therefore including food that is rich in antioxidants in your daily diet will help you remain free from cancer. For ovarian cancer, licorice root seems to be a specially good herbal remedy. The root of licorice is used for treating a number of medical problems since many centuries.

It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which work on the cancer cells and remove them from the body through continuous intake. The benefits of licorice are still under speculation even though many alternative treatment methods advocate its benefits.

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Turmeric is a wonder herb that is used for a medley of diseases and disorders. The curcumin present in turmeric has anti inflammatory properties and is beneficial in treating ovarian cancer. Curcumin tablets can be taken as supplements every day between your meals and pure ground turmeric can be used in abundance in your daily diet to get the best outcome possible.

There are many alternative treatment methods that can be used for ovarian cancer. However, it is very important to let the doctor know what you are up to so that any possible clash with the chemotherapy medicines can be avoided.