Amazing Natural Remedies And Treatments To Remove Old Scars

Amazing Natural Remedies And Treatments To Remove Old Scars

Scars are the most embarrassing signs that bring any scary memories to a person’s life especially for females. These unwanted scars lower the confidence level of its victim and make him or her embarrassed everywhere. Scars become more and more complex with passage of time and you must have made many vain efforts to get rid of old scars. However, old scars are not too much difficult to remove and you can easily remove old scars of different sizes and shapes by following natural remedies and treatments for such tasks.

Use Lemon

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent which is highly rich in AHAs i. e. Alpha Hydroxy Acids which has an ability to remove the dead skin cells and opening the skin pores. Drinking 1 glass of lemon juice daily is very beneficial in removing old scars without damaging the skin. You can also lower effects of scars on skin by rubbing the cotton ball dipped in lemon juice on affected area followed by rinsing your facial skin with water after 10 minutes. It is advisable for you to also apply a sunscreen to your facial skin while moving outside after application of lemon juice so as to achieve better result on your scar removal.

Lemon Juice

Use Honey

Honey is also very helpful in removal of old scars on facial skin. In fact, raw honey was in higher use from ancient times for fading scars thereby stimulating tissue regeneration once again. Mixing raw honey with baking soda and massaging the scarred area with such mixture for 3-5 minutes can give you relief from scars. However it is always recommended to apply hot towel over scarred area followed by wiping it off on cooling so as to make your facial skin free from scars.

Consume Honey Every Day

Use Onions

Onions is another natural remedy to cure scars signs on facial skin. Onions do have outstanding anti-inflammatory properties that promote the production of collagen which is responsible for removing scars. Gel made from extracts of onion and onion based creams is also helpful in removing acne and scars from dead skin cells.

Onion Juice

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is also very rich in anti-inflammatory properties which have an ability to lower skin irritation and encouraging regeneration of new skin cells thereby removing scars. Gels, creams or ointments made from aloe vera on regular application on skin, fades the scars and makes it shiny and blemish free once again.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Apply Gooseberry

Gooseberry is also very beneficial in removing old scars due to its richness in vitamin C. Gooseberry in both powdered and paste forms are equally effective in inhibiting the formation of scars. In fact, you can easily apply paste directly to the affected or you can apply face pack of gooseberry powder mixed with olive oil so as to get rid of old scars completely and lightening your dead skin once again.

Indian Gooseberry

Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is also found to be very effective in removal of old scars naturally because of its outstanding anti-bacterial properties to gradually reduce acne and surgical scars. You can use tea tree oil on your face after diluting it with water to remove old scars.

Rinse With Tea Tree Oil

Other Ways To Get Rid Of Old Scars

Apart from natural remedies, you can get rid of old scars through following treatments methods:-

Go For Medicinal Treatment

To get fast recovery from acne and old scars, you can prefer medical treatments in which you’re only required to apply creams or eating over-the-counter drugs after having a time consultation with your doctor or a pharmacist. Use of drugs generally causes no harm or side effects to the health of its user.

Consult A Doctor

Use Chemical Peels

Use of chemical peels on old scars gives better result in removing them permanently. In fact, regular use of chemical peels on scarred skin gives new life to the dead skin cells thereby adding a glow and shine to your skin tone. If you really want to get even skin tone without unwanted scars then you can go for this procedure but it is somehow expensive for the follower of such remedy.

Chemical Peel

Go For Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is a new and fast technique to remove signs of old scars on facial skin permanently. However, this treatment process is very expensive but this process can give relief from even stubborn and persistent unwanted scars and acne. Laser treatment method will ready your face with natural glow once again by making you free from the embarrassment of old scars.

laser treatment


These are the best treatment procedures for removing old scars which you can follow without any hesitation to get even skin tone. Try these methods and say goodbye to old scars forever.