7 Amazing Natural Ways To Cure Acidity

7 Amazing Natural Ways To Cure Acidity

7 Amazing Natural Ways To Cure Acidity

Stomach acids are very much necessary for proper digestion of the food. Production of too much amount of stomach acid can lead to serious problems such as acidity. This has become very common these days and it is seen affecting people of all age groups. A person suffering from acidity can experience painful symptoms including burning sensation in the stomach, bloating, burping, heart burn and many more. People suffering from acidity can make sure to apply some of the best known kind of home remedies to avoid acidity and its various outcomes.

Here Are Some Effective Natural Tips To Cure Acidity:

Intake Of Small Meals

With the intake of small meals throughout the day, the acid in the stomach is given with steady food to digest and thus decreasing the amount of acid production. It should be kept in mind that a person should not take a huge amount of food at a time, which can lead to acidity in the stomach.

 Eating food

Using Non Citrus Food

Intake of various numbers of non citrus foods can surely help to neutralize the stomach acids without much problem. Non citrus fruits such as banana, watermelon, cucumbers and many more can prove to be useful for neutralizing the effect of acidity in the stomach. This is the best home remedy as non citrus fruits are widely available.


Intake Of Basil Leaves As A Home Remedy

Basil leaves are well known for their carminative as well as soothing effect. Hence it can surely provide instant relief from problems such as acidity and other gastric problems. A person suffering from acidity can take some basil leaves and chew them properly to get the best kinds of benefits without a miss. The other method involves intake of basil leaves by boiling some leaves in water and then adding some honey to it.

Basil Leaves

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is well known for its alkalizing effect. Even though this apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature, it will surely help to bring down the acidic level of the stomach within few minutes. Add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and drink it one or two times a day. It can also be taken before the meals.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Buttermilk As The Best Solution To Treat Acidity

Buttermilk can be easily found in each and every kitchen these days. Due to its taste as well as huge benefits to the human body, buttermilk is very common to be used to treat acidity. The lactic acid present in the buttermilk helps in normalizing the acidic level of the stomach. A little amount of fenugreek seeds paste can also be added to the buttermilk for better outcomes.


Using Baking Soda To Treat Acidity

Baking soda can be mixed in a glass of water and left it for some time for allowing it to dissolve. A person suffering from acidity can take this glass of water in order to reduce down the level of acid in the stomach. Lemon or honey can be added to it to add on the taste.

Baking Soda

Use Of Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is well famous for its natural antacid property. It helps to remove the stomach gas from the stomach. Put around half teaspoon of cinnamon powder to cup of water and keep it for boiling. This hot tea can be taken to reduce the effect of acidity in the stomach. It is a very easy process, but the results are really awesome.

Cinnamon Tea