Anti Wrinkle Dermatological Treatment

The beauty of every individual person changes with time. This is the universal truth and no one can change it.

Your skin changes substantially as you age. It loses elasticity and grows thinner. Because of natural processes and exposure to the sun your face may get fine lines and sporting wrinkles. There are millions of women who have this problem and eager to get rid of it as these can create negative effects on face.

You will not have to be worried about these problems as many treatments are present to cure them. A dermatologist is the right person to make you able to decide which anti-wrinkle treatment can be best effective for you. It is very important to go for a good and reputed dermatologist who is really able to give you proper treatment.


First of all your dermatologist will recommend or prescribe some effective medications that can be helpful to cure wrinkles. Nowadays most of the dermatologists refer topical retinoids, one of the effective treatments. This particular treatment actually comes from vitamin A.

Within a short period of time they can be able help with splotchiness, wrinkles and rough skin. You can also go for some anti-wrinkles treatments that are also present without prescription. These include alpha-hydroxy acids, antioxidants, copper peptides and kinetin. But these may create temporary effects only.

Other Treatment Processes

Dermatologists may refer other treatments procedures if they think that medications are not enough to cure your wrinkles. Dermabrasion is a process that involves eliminating the upper layer of skin and planing the skin of the face with spinning brush. Microdermabrasion also involves the same principal but less skin is removed here. In that case you may have to go for repeat treatments. You can also go lasers as upper layer skin can be removed with this treatment.

Chemical Pills And Botox

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Your dermatologist can prescribe you some chemical pills. These can be heavy, moderate or mild. Each type of pill contains different kinds of chemicals. Depending on nature of wrinkles dermatologists prescribe the best. Botox is another effective treatment that is able to reduce wrinkling on some particular areas of your face. It will be injected in your muscles to paralyze them. It can make the wrinkles smooth and can also effective for 3 – 4 months. If you have wrinkles between the eyes and across the forehead then Botox can be best effective to cure it. Your dermatologist may treat you with collagen fillers such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and fat if the wrinkles on your face are deep.


If you are eager to get dramatic changes, then facelift will be the best option for you. After the operation you will get rid of wrinkles effectively. The doctors take fat and skin from the lower face and neck in this operation and tighten the tissue beneath. This kind of treatment can be effective for as long as 10 years. It is true that the period of recovery may not be short after this operation. Generally it takes few weeks to recover completely. So, there are various Anti-Wrinkle Dermatological Treatments present for you to choose from. Go for a dermatologist and take the right decision.