Massages For Pregnant Women Proper massaging of various parts of the body has several wide range benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing. Daily stress, tension and hassles that can’t be avoided leave us mentally and physically drained. Massage can relax the body and mind thereby letting us feel refreshed and calm. Massage can also prevent or cure certain physical disorders by the skillful hands of experts.

Pregnancy is a very joyful phase of your life when you get pampered by your loved ones in terms of care, love and attention. However, during pregnancy various rapid changes that go on within the body can give rise to discomforts. Proper pregnancy massages can be excellent ways to make pregnancy easy, comfortable and get pampered.

How Massages for Pregnant Women are Helpful?

Due to changes going within the body especially hormonal and growing size of the body a pregnant woman feels body cramps and various other discomforts. Fatigue, weakness, mood swings, changes in appetite and sleep patterns are some of the typical pregnancy symptoms that doesn’t make pregnancy easy. All these and many more pregnancy discomforts and symptoms can be eased by giving or getting pregnancy massages.

Pregnancy massages can make you feel relaxed, calm and soothe your discomforts effectively as blood circulation is enhanced. Your all over wellbeing will also affect your developing baby in most positive ways. Labor can be easier and you can get back to your normal life easily after delivery if you indulge in regular proper pregnancy massages.

Massages for pregnant women must be done with extra care only by experts. Proper positioning and gentle handling of the body is of utmost importance so that both the mother and baby are safe. You can take loving massages from your partner as well but he should take proper guidance and training before doing so.

Factors to be Considered Regarding Massages for Pregnant Women

Positioning the Body

The belly is the area which must be handled with most care. It is obviously out of question to lie face down though during the initial phase of pregnancy some may consider doing it. However, it’s best to avoid face down position throughout pregnancy. Lying on one side so that the shoulder will be in a leaned relaxed position and the head on a soft pillow with the face tilted to the side can be a good position.

pregnancy massage benefits

Sitting position is a good option to massage the shoulders and feet. Sit in a reclining chair or couch in a relaxed manner. You can sit on the floor also on a mattress or cushion so that you can spread your legs which can be less stressful.

How and Where to Massage a Pregnant Woman?

The areas that can be massaged to give relief from cramps and fatigue are the shoulders, the arms, the feet and the back. These areas can be massaged without any risk to the baby and you can feel relaxed and relieved from pregnancy discomforts.

Gentle strokes must be used while doing massages for pregnant women. Gentle downward strokes on the back and slowly kneading the shoulders can relax the body very much. Massages must be done with lot of patience and time while enquiring if the expecting mother is feeling any kind of discomfort.