Benefits Of Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation
Natural looking bountiful breasts are every woman’s dream. Not every woman is blessed with copious breasts. There are many cases of women distressed with their self image, who suffer low self- esteem. Aging and breast feeding may cause the breasts to lose volume. For many years, breast augmentation has been the preferred approach for reconstructing the breasts, to give it a bounteous look.

Breast augmentation procedure involves the implantation of prosthetic breasts. This procedure not only aids in correcting the defects, but also amplifies the size and appearance of the breasts. However, this method has its own limitations. Natural methods of breast augmentation are more preferred. Stem cell assisted breast augmentation is a revolutionary procedure that can augment your breasts the natural way.

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation

Stem Cells

This method involves the usage of a person’s stem cells. Stem cells, known as progenitor cells are a kind of cells that can develop into specialized cells in our body. These cells can also refurbished to generate several stem cells. There are 2 categories of stem cells; embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

This procedure involves the usage of adult stem cells. These stem cells are isolated from the fat removed during liposuction. These adult stem cells have several beneficial properties. They can repair the damage in the tissues and thereby quicken healing. In addition, adult stem cells activate collagen growth, improving the texture of the skin and can stimulate the growth of blood vessels.

The Procedure

This procedure is a two step process. In the first step liposuction is performed in a specific area of the subject’s body, where there is fat in excess. The isolated fat is divided into two. One half of the fat is processed to isolate and purify the stem cells.

The isolated stem cells are concentrated with the other half of the suctioned fat to form a tissue graft. This graft is then injected into the breast. These stem cells increase the amount of fat and initiate the growth of more stem cells in the breast.

Sometimes a pressure splint is used after the procedure to safeguard the fat in the injected area (breasts) to help in regeneration of the fat and stem cells. The injected fat and stem cells help in the growth of your breasts.

The Pros

The biggest advantage of this method is that stem cells that are derived from your own body are used; hence there are no chances of your body rejecting its own tissue. The stem cells support the fat with blood supply; therefore the fat is neither ruptured nor hardened to form cysts.

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Benefits over Established Methods

When compared to the accustomed method of breast augmentation, the usage of stem cells has several benefits.

No Infection and Scars

No Infection and Breast Scars

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This procedure invalidates the usage of silicone or saline implants, thereby preventing the complications associated with the traditional implants such as infection, bleeding, scars and rupture.

Quick Recovery and Permanent Results

This procedure can be performed without general anaesthesia. The recovery period is short. It takes less than forty eight hours. The results are also permanent. There is no room for re-correction.

Normal Functioning

The natural functioning of the breast is not effected in any way. Fat cells do not hinder breastfeeding or any other functions of the breast. Mammography and other screening methods can be performed with ease unlike the artificial methods.

The end result is fuller looking breasts, the natural way. This method has naturally increased the size and volume of breasts for several women across the globe.

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