Breast augmentation could be a very popular cosmetic surgery that is undertaken by many women to enhance the appearance of their breasts. But are they entirely safe? Do all women who go under the knife emerge with wonderfully shaped breasts?

If you have been asking these questions in your mind and want to do a bit of research before you opt for this surgical procedure, here is some information on the benefits and risks of breast augmentation.

Benefits Of Breast Augmentation

Starting with the benefits, breast augmentation is a corrective surgery that creates a better shape and symmetry for your sagging and non symmetrical breast. Therefore, you will always have the benefit of increased self confidence while you go for it.

1. Breast Symmetry And Volume

With breast augmentation, the volume of the breast and the symmetry is corrected, giving it a better shape and fuller appearance. This will enhance the overall appearance and beauty of the breasts and increase its perkiness as well.

2. Corrective Surgery

Many women who have had a mastectomy due to cancerous growths inside the breast will benefit abundantly from breast augmentation. As a corrective surgery, breast augmentation helps millions of women regain their lost confidence and lost breast tissue and help them lead a near to normal life after the mastectomy.

3. Self Confidence

With a breast augmentation, the confidence and body image of a woman is tremendously enhanced and she gets to enjoy a youthful appearance and a perfectly shaped body after the surgery. It is important to keep your expectations low while undergoing breast augmentation as the results may not be as per your liking.

Risks Of Breast Augmentation

All is not well after a breast augmentation. There are several risk factors associated with the surgical procedure and things can sometimes go really wrong if there are infections, scar formations, pain, loss of sensation and bursting of implants.

Bursting Of Implants

Though this is not a common occurrence, it is also not a rarity and close to 4% of women experience rupturing of the implants in the first year of their surgery. However, many others have also reported that their implants have stayed up to 25 years. The rupture happens when the silicone implant that is left inside bursts and leaks into the body. A second surgery is required in this case.

Pain And Infections

Breast augmentation is a painful procedure and you might have to endure the pain for a few days after the surgery. As it is an open wound, there are also chances of the wound getting infected if not careful. Antiobiotic medications will have to be administered in such cases. An unfortunate thing about infections is that it might deepen the scar formation on the areola.


A common after effect of breast augmentation surgery is a tingling or feeling of numbness in the nipples and areola, paving way for loss of sensation. Though this is a temporary side effect which lasts for few months after the surgery, in some women, the feeling is permanent and cannot be changed.

Breastfeeding Issues

Women who undergo breast augmentation before pregnancy could develop difficulty in feeding as the supply of milk could be less due to damage to the milk ducts during surgery.