Benign Breast Lump Symptoms

Breast lumps are very common among women of reproductive age. A majority of these lumps and benign and do not cause any problems or diseases during the lifetime of a woman. In most cases, these lumps can be treated or the symptoms controlled through natural methods and other medications.

When there is a lump in your breast, there would most probably be accompanying symptoms as well. Knowing these symptoms will help you take immediate action and prevent infections in case it is a breast infection. Discussed below are various associated symptoms that accompany benign breast lumps.

Discharge From The Nipples

A major symptom that announces the presence of benign breast lumps is the discharge that comes from the nipple. The discharge can be white or greenish or even bloody depending on the kind of lump present. The discharge can be due to the intake of birth control pills or thyroid disorders. If the discharge is bloody, it could be lump formation inside the ducts near the nipples, known as intraductal papillomas.

Inflammation In The Breast

Any kind of inflammation can be the result of breast lumps or infections inside the breast.  Mastitis is a very common lump formation in the breast which is caused by plugging of milk ducts. When mastitis proceeds to a stage when infection sets in, there would be pain, redness, inflammation, fever and chills. It can develop into an abscess if left untreated and would require surgical intervention to drain the pus.

Pain In The Breasts

Any kind of internal pain in one or both the breasts is the symptom of a lump in the breast. If it is a fibrocystic breast disease, which occurs in most young women of reproductive age, the pain and swelling will aggravate during the menstrual cycleas the hormone fluctuation is at its height during this time. For infected breast lumps, the pain can become very severe and can even limit the movement of your hands.

Change In Shape

Breast lump formations are mostly visible and detectable from the outside as the shape of the breast changes, depending on the size of the lump. The shape of one breast will be bigger and different from the other breast and sometimes distorted depending on the extent of the lump formation. Lumps that are positioned near the nipples will make the nipples to invert even if they have been positioned properly before.

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Dimpling Of Skin

Whilst an infection will have tenderness and redness of the skin, a lump formation will lead to dimpling of the skin as well. There would also be bruised appearance and sometimes swelling on the skin.

Changes In Texture

Lumps in the breast will also change the texture of the breast. Fibro adenomas in the breast can feel rubbery when touched. Most of these lumps are shifty and move around when you touch.  In the case of cysts, they can be thick and very firm when you squeeze them. Other types of cysts can be squishy.

All these lump formations are harmless and do not cause cancerous tumours in the breast. However, women who have them must be careful to check for new lump formations that could be as serious as cancer.