Best Bench Exercises For Women

Irrespective of our sex and age, exercises have become an important part of our lives. Even women struggling to balance their house and office can make use of a simple bench to perform some healthy exercises.Here are some very good and effective bench exercises for women which are very useful to stay in shape and healthy.

Step Ups For Bench Exercises For Women

With step-ups, you can avail all the benefits of a cardio session by simply pacing up and down a bench. Just make sure of the following factors. When putting the foot on the bench surface, the knee should be at ninety degrees to the bench. This will prevent any extra pressure on the back when lifting the body over the bench.

Begin with the leg you are comfortable with and ensure that the foot is placed at the center of the bench. Support the body weight on your heels and lift the body to place the next foot on the bench. When stepping down use the alternate leg. Alternate the feet for the exercise and continue for at least five minutes before you take a short break.

Bench Push Up

This bench exercise for women can be performed in two ways. You can either place your hand on the bench and feet on the ground or vice-versa. Place the hands on the surface of the bench in a manner that the palms lie directly under the shoulders. Pull out the legs directly behind you, forming a straight posture from head to heel.

Curve the elbows and support the body weight by your hands as you lower it towards the bench. As the elbows get positioned at 90-degree, start pulling the body up. This bench exercise should be done at least eight times.

You can make the movement a little difficult and work on the chest muscles by repeating the same exercise with the legs on the bench and body on the ground. Balance the body weight on the palms of the hand over the ground.

The body line should remain fully extended in a straight posture. Bend the elbows and start lowering the body to the ground. Elbows should be at 90 degrees before you start to lift your body. Repeat the exercise 8-12 times.

Bench Dips Exercises For Women

This bench exercise for women is easy to perform and you can carry on in your office clothes. Position your body on the border of the bench. Place the palms next to the thighs and grip the edges of the bench rim.

Extend the feet in front till the knees get fully stretched. The toes should remain pointed upwards. Support the body weight with your palms before lifting it over the bench.

Change the position of the body slightly by putting the weight a little forward so that you are placed just over the bench border. Bend the elbows to lower the body over the ground. As the elbows position themselves at 90-degrees, start to lift the body again. Repeat this exercise for the same number of times as mentioned above.