Best Cervical Cancer Screening

cervical cancer
There are mainly three ways through which cancer spreads throughout the body. They are through the tissue, through lymph nodes and through blood. Women are the ones who are likely to become victims of cervical cancer.

It is important to know the various screenings of cervical cancer as soon as possible so that you can prevent its spread to other parts of the body. There are mainly five screenings of cervical cancer. Screening of cervical cancer can be done as follows:-

Cervical Cancer Screening

Journey Through Cervix

Cervical cancer begins its journey from the cervix. Cervix is something that is present at the top of the vagina. cervical cancer is the most difficult to detect, the main reason being that it does not show any kind of symptoms in the early stages and by the time the disease comes to your knowledge, it might be too late.

Presence Of Harmful Cells

In the initial screening of cervical cancer the malignant cells are present in the cervix. Effective treatment at this stage will be very helpful. If you have crossed 40 years of age, you have to go for regular checkups so that it is possible to detect cervical cancer in the early stage.

radio therapy

Radio therapy or surgery can be done at this stage. This treatment will help you to come out of the clutches of cancer provided the tumor is not more than 4 cm long.

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Spreading Of Tumor

If the first stage goes undetected, then you will enter the next stage of the disease. This is screening two. In this process, the cancer cells will start to spread outwards from the cervix. The cancer cells can either spread upwards or downwards.

If they spread upwards, then the doctors will advise you to get it treated immediately. The most effective treatment in this case is a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In this screeenig, the cancer cells have still not spread in the pelvic region.

Walls Of Pelvis Attacked

In this stage, the cancer cells have spread to the walls of the pelvis. There are chances that during this stage, the cancer cells can spread to the kidneys as well as to the lower part of the vagina. The tumor grows in size slowly. The tumor might grow big enough to block the uterus.

Walls Of Pelvis Attacked


This will affect the functioning of the kidney. This can also cause kidney failure. The flow of urine to the bladder can also be stopped at this stage. The combined treatment of radiotherapy and chemotherapy is normally done at this stage.

Advanced Mode Of Tumor

Cervical cancer is at the advanced stage now. In this period, the cancer cells will spread to almost all other parts of the body. This type can further be divided into two more sub stages. They are stage 4(a) and stage 4(b). In stage 4(a) the cancer cells mostly spread towards the rectum.

In stage 4(b) the cancer cells will spread to other parts of the body like lungs. Surgery is recommended at this stage to prevent the spread of cancer cells. It is very difficult to treat the patient at this stage of cancer.

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