6 Best Effective Cures For Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoid is a painful condition where there is an inflammation of veins in the anal and rectal linings. This leads to problems in excretion. Apart from that, the affected person might find it very difficult to sit properly due to inflamed veins.  This condition could be itchy as well.

A large number of women these days complain about hemorrhoids. However, not many are willing to acknowledge that something is wrong in their body. This could be due to shyness or they might feel uncomfortable discussing the same with a doctor.

Neglecting this serious medical condition can lead to unwanted complications. In the end, you might have to go in for a surgery as a last resort to treat hemorrhoids. Therefore, read on to find some easy-to-do tips to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids at the comforts of your home.

Effective Cures For Hemorrhoids

Consume Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber is the most effective cure to prevent the formation of hemorrhoids in the first place. Fiber increases roughage in the body, combines with waste products helps in bowel movement, in turn helping your body dispose waste in a very effective manner.

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber rich foods like fruits, vegetables (with skin), whole grains and nuts are some of the commonly available foods you can include in your daily meal.

Ice Packs

Ice Pack

To soothe inflammation of the veins in the affected region and to experience temporary relief, simply place an ice pack in the region. Ice will calm the area, making you feel better instantly.


Always remember to consume adequate quantities of water to flush various toxins in your body in the most natural manner possible. Water aids in relieving constipation. It is by far one of the most effective detoxifier. Consume water irrespective of whether you are feeling thirsty or not.


Do not wait for your body to send thirst signals to your brain before grabbing a cup of water. Water will ease the pressure being experienced by the affected veins, in turn preventing unwanted stress and pain in the rectal region.



This is the most important aspect of preventing and treating the condition. Always maintain high hygienic standards.

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Aloe Gel

Aloe Gel

Aloe vera has several medicinal properties that have been exploited for hundreds of years by herbal medicine practitioners. Simply apply aloe gel on the affected region. This will prevent itching and soothe the area, allowing you to cope with the condition in an effective manner. However, remember to use natural aloe gel. Make sure the commercial ones do not have any added artificial ingredients in them.

Vitamin Rich Foods

Vitamin C and B are extremely effective in relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The B complex vitamins act by facilitating digestion processes, placing lesser load on the rectum. Vitamin C on the other hand is an excellent healing agent. It aids in fast recovery by reducing the inflammation in the region.

Vitamin Rich Foods

The effectiveness of these tips varies from one individual to another. Therefore, you may or may not experience immediate relief. Additionally, you must remember that the aforementioned tips will be effective when the hemorrhoids are in the initial stages. If you do not take the necessary precautions, it might lead to further complications. In such cases, surgery is the only solution to treat the condition.