Best Effective Remedy For Urinary Tract Infection

Best Remedy For UTI

Best Remedy For UTI Urinary tract infections affect over fifty percent of all females in their lifetime and accounts for well over eight million annual trips to the physician, according to the NIH (National Institute of Health).

This makes it the most second prevalent form of infection in the human body. It is estimated that thirty percent of females having at least a single episode of urinary tract infection would go on to develop rUTI (recurrent urinary tract infection or 2 or more infections annually).

Urinary tract infection or UTI develop when bacterial forms and several microscopic organisms usually residing in the region around the vulval and rectal areas gain entry into the excretory system via the urethra. They then grasp onto the urethral walls and proliferate thus causing a urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infection largely afflicts the female gender due to their anatomical disadvantage. The small size of urethra (around 4 centimetres) in females only tends to facilitate this easier migration and colonization in the urethral region.

Although bountiful remedies are cited for prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection yet cranberry is one superstar remedy that is ideal for all those seeking an all-natural option for protecting and treating themselves from this niggling condition.

Cranberry – Best Remedy For UTI

Best Remedy For UTI

The concentrated tannins proanthocyanidins present in cranberry thwart the bacterial forms from affixing themselves onto the urinary tract walls which is deemed as the key reason for urinary tract infection taking a stronghold.

Cranberries produce hippuric acid in the urine that helps in acidifying it which makes it inhospitable for the culprit bacterial forms, particularly Escherichia coli, which is among the most common causers of urinary tract infection and aids in flushing them out. Cranberries hinder the production of indole chemical thus making it unviable for the bacterial forms to spread infection.

For people who suffer from recurring urinary tract infection, the repeated prescription of antibiotics can make the bacterial forms resistant to them. In such cases cranberries work by avoiding drug resistance and also as a preventative measure once the initial urinary tract infection has subsided and to avert further episodes.

Several studies have backed cranberry’s capability of thwarting urinary tract infections. Results of a latest Finnish study conducted on 255 children in the age band of 1 to 16 years who underwent urinary tract infection treatment found that cranberry juice when used as a supplement on an everyday basis lowered the recurrences of urinary tract infection.

Best Way To Garner Advantages Of Cranberries As A UTI Remedy

When zeroing down on a cranberry-based supplement it is crucial to check for bio-availability of proanthocyanidins for combating urinary tract infection. Ellura is one such example of widely suggested supplement by doctors. Cranberry-based supplements are available over the counter in powdered, chewable and pill versions.

Best Remedy For UTI

Cranberry juice intake commenced at the onset of the foremost signs of urinary tract infection aids in stalling the infection. For optimal results, 100% pure, non-sweetened cranberry juice is best for curtailing the length of the infection and perhaps tackling non aggressive types of urinary tract infections.

Addition of some water to the juice also aids in flushing out the errant bacterial forms. Drinking around 270 ml or about four glasses of pure cranberry juice everyday is a safe, effective remedy and also is a preventative measure against urinary tract infections.