3 Effective Treatment For Head Lice

Best Treatments For Head Lice

A large number of parents face a very common and frustrating problem of head lice in their children’s heads. The problem is not how their child got the head lice but to remove them or get rid of them completely and permanently.It may happen sometimes that after regular treatment for the head lice, they come back.The fact is that the nits or the head lice are not removed completely due which a new life cycle for the head lice starts easily.Adult head lice can lay around 10 eggs or nits per day. The eggs hatch in about 7 to 12 days releasing nymphs or baby lice in the head. The nymphs again take a period of around 12 days to grow into adult head lice and the cycle continues.


Therefore, it is very important to remove all the nymphs and eggs while undergoing the head lice treatment to avoid recurring of this problem.There are various methods for the treatment of head lice. The major treatment for the head lice that is usually followed is the use of the anti head lice shampoos. These shampoos are clinically proven are easily available in the market.

Some common head lice shampoos include Nix or Rid. It is necessary to follow the instructions mentioned on the product so as to get the satisfactory results. Also it is advisable to repeat the treatment with the anti head lice shampoo after 7 or 10 days.After shampoo, the lice and the nymphs are removed from the head with the help of the lice comb specially designed for this purpose. For the light treatment for the head lice, one can simply use the lice comb or can try to remove the head lice manually.

Natural Methods To Treat Head Lice

Tee Tree Oil

There are some natural methods for the treatment of head lice. These methods include the use of Vaseline, tea tree oil, olive oil and in some cases mayonnaise. While trying these home remedies one should be careful as in the products like mayonnaise, it may stick in the hair and difficult to remove.

Other Methods

Benzyl Alcohol

The other methods for the treatment of head lice include the use of chemicals like Ovide consisting Malathion and Lindane. Though these products are very powerful, they are not usually recommended for very young children.A 5% solution of benzyl alcohol; (Ulesfia) can also be used for the treatment for head lice. The product can be safe and can be used for the children above the age of 6 months. Head lice are a common problem worldwide and there are many methods for the treatment for head lice.However, it is necessary that proper treatment method should be chosen for this parasitic insect that infects the human head.It is important to note that the head lice that infect human beings do not infect the pets and also the head lice for the pets do not infect the human beings. Following a step by step proper treatment can help the child to get rid of the head lice permanently.