3 Best Exercises For Thighs

Exercises For Thighs

Exercises For Thighs

Are you stressed after watching a slim model on cover page of the magazine? Want to get that dress for your next party but cannot wear because of flabby thighs? Read about the best exercises for thighs and fulfill your desires.Are you craving for lustrous thighs with well toned legs as shown on the magazine cover page? Most of the women today are only cribbing about their heavy thighs and bad shaped buts because they don’t know how to shape them up without spending so many hours at the gym. In this article you will read some simple yet really effective and best exercises for thighs which have been successfully used by many women.

Why Thighs Need special Exercises? 

Thighs are the only part of our body which catches the fats and flab easily which gives unwanted look and extraordinary weight to our body. If your old skinny jeans are now just looking ugly on you then you really need some good thighs exercises for you.

Excess weight on thighs provides bad shape and lots of stress on your mind. Hitting gym for hours is not really possible for every woman and here’s when thigh exercise look essential. Read about these best thigh exercises mentioned below to get fitted in your old skinny jeans.

Come Back In Childhood & Play With Ball 

Squat With Ball

Squat With Ball

You can easily arrange a big size ball at your home to get those thinner thighs for you. There is no better exercise then squat ball. To fight thigh flab you can try this exercise at your home. Just place an exercise ball between the wall and the lower curve of your body.Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees and lower part of the body around 5-10 inches and form a square shape between your shoulders and hips square. Hold this position for few seconds and then stand up. You can start with just 5 reps and you can increase them to 15 reps. Take rest for 30 seconds and start with another set.

Shape Up Your Butts, Thighs And Hips In One Go 


Pilates To Shape Up Your Butts

This is best for thighs, lower abs and buts. These three in one combo which was discovered in 90’s and this is still effective for thighs and side legs. Lie down in the side position and lift your both legs up at 30 degrees.It works effectively on inner thigh, butts to slim and abs. The side leg lift will lend you well-toned thigh muscles and slim legs. You can repeat it 8-10 times it also improves the flexibility in your body. Change the sides and repeat same process.

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Time To Lift Some Weight 


Squats To Shape Up Your Butts

Squats is best and healthy exercise for homemakers. This is one of the best exercises for butt, hips and thighs together. This is also known as a functional exercise and gives you flexibility and strength for your daily activities.  Stand on your feet hip-width apart and additional concentration, hold weights at your sides or at shoulder level.

Bend your knees and lower into a squat put your knees behind your toes. Keep your concentration right so that you can feel that you are sticking your butt out. Press the heels to stand up in straight position. You can start with 2-3 sets and can increase them to 10-15 everyday.You can try all of these exercise everyday by just stealing 15-20 minutes from your busy schedules. Shape up your thighs and get fitted into your new trendy dresses now.

Best Exercises For Thighs