6 Best Foods For Vaginal Dryness

Best Foods For Vaginal Dryness

Many women complain of intense vaginal dryness just after their delivery or during menopause when the estrogen levels fall. Falling estrogen levels tend to thin the walls of the vagina and can cause a stinging and painful sensation in the vagina especially during sexual intercourseThis makes sex very uncomfortable and painful. The vagina also becomes less elastic. While most doctors do prescribe topical creams and lubricants to help lubricate the vagina, here are some foods that can enhance vaginal lubrication.

Best Foods For Vaginal Dryness

1. Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acids are good for vaginal health. Nuts, seeds and flaxseeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids. Nuts also provide the vital vitamin E that keeps the overall skin healthy and supple. Vitamin E enhances vaginal lubrication and prevents the vagina from drying out. So make sure you eat plenty of nuts for vaginal lubrication. Get your daily quota of essential fatty acids from healthy oils like olive oil, which also help to lower the blood cholesterol and keep the heart healthy. Sesame and sunflower seeds are also a good source of essential fatty acids.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

2. Soy

Soy has something called as isoflavones, which mimic the action of estrogen and have estrogen like properties. This tends to make up for the loss of estrogen in the body and thus reduces the impact of estrogen on vaginal health. The woman experiences better lubrication and more enjoyable sex after consuming soy rich foods.


3. Flaxseeds

Have at least a teaspoon of roasted flaxseeds on a daily basis. Flaxseeds are rich in lignans, which again have estrogenic properties that reduce night sweats, hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Consume flaxseeds or have it in the form of fortified food. Certain cereals come fortified with flaxseeds.


4. Whole Grains

Whole grains are renowned for keeping your hormonal levels at an even keel. Hence, it is very important to have nutritious meals, which are full of fibre like fibrous fruits, green leafy vegetables, multi grain chapattis and whole wheat bread. Make sure you completely avoid white bread and refined carbs as they do more harm than good. Upping your fibre intake will keep the vagina elastic and healthy.

Whole Grains

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5. Water

The more water you drink, the better will be your vaginal health. Water essentially helps to maintain the pH levels of the vagina and helps to keep it moist. While it is necessary to hydrate, it is also equally important to go slow on dehydrating drinks like colas and coffee, which sap you of moisture and energy. It can also lead to uncomfortable vaginal dryness. If you are addicted to coffee, have no more than one cup a day.

Drink More Water

6. Apples

Apples are a rich source of phytoestrogens, a compound that mimics the action of synthetic estrogen. Eating 1-2 apples a day drastically improves the chances of suffering less from the harsh symptoms of menopause. Women who eat fresh fruits like apples complain less of vaginal discomfort and pain as compared o those who do not eat healthy foods.