Best Home Remedies For Diarrhea In Children

Diarrhea In Children

Diarrhea In Children Diarrhea in children is common but it can be life threatening if it is not taken care of on time. There are several medicines available for treatment of diarrhea along with many effective home remedies for diarrhea in children. Home remedies are suggested as these are time tested, effective and are without any kinds of side effects. These are specially good for children who make tantrums in taking medicines or cannot be given medicines due to their age.

These are also recommended to prevent the occurrences of stomach infections or stomach related problems. However, it should be remembered that if conditions turn serious, it is always recommended to get in touch with your physician immediately.

Home Remedies For Diarrhea In Children

Keep Your Child Hydrated

Diarrhea causes immense fluid loss and it is crucial that this fluid is replaced immediately. Children should be given plenty of liquids, especially in the form of salt and water and that too at equal intervals of time.

salt and water

Plain water should also be consumed which is gentle on the tummy. Children can also be given weak tea with small amount of sugar, sports drinks and plenty of fruit juices ( except prune and apple). However, it should be ensured that the drink is cool.

Feed Your Child Papaya Boiled Water

You need to boil a medium size chopped papaya in at least 3 cups of water. After boiling it for at least 10 minutes, you can strain the papaya. You can feed your child at least 2 spoonfuls of this solution every hour.


Papaya helps in digestion, kills bacteria and helps in curing any kind of stomach and intestinal infection which can cause diarrhea in children.

Start A Special BRAT Diet

This is a specially recommended diet by dieticians which is popular since decades in treating diarrhea among children. After a brief spell of fast, children should be fed toast, applesauce or apple, rice, toast and fresh bananas. This should be given with plenty of water to cure infections and treat diarrhea in children.

Prepare And Feed Orange Peel Tea

Orange peel has several medicinal properties and has been used in Chinese medicine since ages. This delicious tea is known to help digestion. You need to place chopped orange peel in a pot of water and let it boil for 10 minutes.

Orange Peel Tea

Once cooled, the solution can be sweetened with honey or sugar and given to children. Alternatively, you can use dried orange peel also to prepare the tea – it is equally effective in treating diarrhea in children.

Try Fresh Lemon Juice

Lemon is known for its medicinal and healing properties. It is very effective in treating gas related or intestinal problems and works excellently to treat diarrhea in children. All you need to do is squeeze fresh lemon and mix it with half a glass of cold water.

Lemon Juice

Add sugar if needed and feed your child every two to three hours or till the symptoms last. It will keep the body hydrated and help in curing diarrhea.

Have The Child Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is highly popular for treating inflammation in the intestine. It has antispasmodic properties as well. You need to brew this tea using packaged tea bags which are readily available now.

Chamomile Tea

In case you have chamomile flowers you can steep a spoon of these flowers along with a spoon of peppermint leaves in boiling water. After 15 minutes, this will be done. You can feed your child half cup of this medicinal tea, at least 3 times in a day.

A Cup Of Yogurt Everyday Is Effective

Yogurt works as a binder and will help the digestive system in curing diarrhea. A cup of yogurt is highly recommended as a part of diet specially in case of children who have a tendency of developing stomach infections.


You can have fresh yogurt with fruits or as a smoothie mixed with honey. Yogurt helps in relaxing and cooling the stomach and helps in overall digestion of food.

Feed Your Child A Glass Of Guava Juice

A glass of guava juice every morning  is considered to be good for the stomach. Children who are suffering from diarrhea can be fed a glass of fresh guava juice as a treatment which takes care of digestion. This is one of those few home remedies which helps in treating diarrhea in a short time.

Hope these home remedies for diarrhea help you in treating children effectively whenever the need arises. If you are aware of more such home remedies, do not forget to share them with us.