5 Best Home Treatments For Acne Scars

Home Treatments For Acne Scars

Acne formations always leave scars on the facial skin. These scars can mar the beauty of the skin and reduce a person’s self confidence. Many go out and get lightening creams and gels that are available in the market for treating acne scars.

However, these creams that are chemical based may not be mild on your skin and with continuous application could lead to dry skin and other side effects.

Acne scars are completely treatable if the treatment is started early enough so that the skin is not permanently damaged. The good news is that the treatment need not be with chemical methods. Natural remedies are much more effective and also help in protecting and rejuvenating the skin which the creams in the market fail to do. Let’s take a look at these natural cures.

Home Treatments For Acne Scars

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a skin lightening agent. Lemon is also an exfoliating agent and helps by removing the skin that is scarred from the surface. With every exfoliation, the scar gets lightened and finally fades in such a way that they can no longer pose a cosmetic problem for you. The best way to use lemon and initiate an exfoliation is to slice it and rub on the scars directly. The rubbing will exfoliate the skin and lightens it as well.

2. Tomato


Tomato is also a bleaching agent. Tomato could be a better remedy than lemon as it has high amounts of vitamin A as well which is essential for skin revival. Apply tomato pulp on the acne scars two times every day and wash it off after it becomes dry. In a few weeks you will have clear skin which is devoid of scars and a few shades lighter as well. If you want to enjoy the benefits of tomato and lemon as well, mix both these ingredients and apply every day to remove acne scars.

3. Sandalwood And Rosewater

Sandalwood And Rosewater

The skin beautifying nature of sandalwood is known to all women and has been used for centuries. Rose water has great cleansing and toning properties along with removal of blemishes. Make a paste of sandalwood powder and rosewater. Apply this every night before sleep and leave it overnight.  You can wash the face in the morning.

4. Oatmeal Paste

Oatmeal Paste

Oatmeal is rich in vitamin E which is a tonic for scarred skin. It will also nourish your skin with nutrients and remove excess oil. Take powdered oatmeal and mix with water for making a paste. Apply on the acne scar and leave it for 20 minutes. Do it twice a day.

Oatmeal can also be used as a scrub for which you can use oatmeal that is not powdered. Mix with water to form a coarse paste and massage in circular motions on the acne affected skin. This will help in exfoliating the damaged skin and fading the scars considerably.

5. Cucumber


The rich and nutritious benefits of vegetables do not just end in nourishing our bodies, but also extend towards skin care as well. Cucumber is a great vegetable used for treating skin pigmentation and dark circles. Cucumber has lightening properties and hence will help in removing acne scars completely.