Best Menopause Therapies


Menopause The end of the menstrual cycle in every woman’s life is termed as menopause. Menopausal symptoms are often the cause of discomfort in women and include symptoms like hot flush, night sweats, vaginal dryness, irritability and other psychological symptoms like depression, anxiety, tension and so on.

Other than this, menopause also speeds up bone loss in women due to fall in oestrogen which increases the risk of osteoporosis and chances of bone fracture. Thus menopause should be treated not only to reduce the discomfort but also to reduce the risks of bone fracture and osteoporosis. Some of the effective therapies for menopause are discussed here:

Menopause Therapies


This therapy can be used to reduce the menopausal symptoms. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to treat menopause. Essential oils are made from different parts of aromatic plants. The concentrated forms of these oils are potent to treat the symptoms of menopause.


Oil from bergamot is used to treat depression due to menopause; jasmine oil is effective for treating the anxiety and tension; chamomile can give you a calming effect and a soothing overall feeling and geranium oil has a regulatory effect on the feelings of restlessness.


Regular yoga can prove to be very beneficial to treat menopausal symptoms by reducing insomnia, anxiety, hot flushes and mood swings. Yoga associated with deep breathing and relaxation helps to tone muscles, improves blood circulations and regulates the mood regulating chemicals in brain.

Deep Breathing

Yoga also has exercises to ensure strong bones and regulate cholesterol and thus helps to reduce the risks of osteoporosis and heart problems; the two main concerns of menopause in women. For insomnia you can try the corpse pose, locust, posterior stretch and shoulder stand. For mood swings and anxiety you can try alternative nostril breathing, sun salutation, complete breath and yoga mudra.


A very useful therapy to control the menopausal symptoms, this therapy talks about a focused and self induced attention that helps you to relax and control some of your physiological functions. This therapy helps with stress reduction, energy accumulation and overall good health.


For this therapy try saying some very positive lines to yourself everyday like, “My organs are in good condition”; “I am relaxed”; “I am have a healthy and nutritious diet”; “I am learning to handle stress”; “I can be happy and optimistic in this phase of life” and so on. These lines act as self motivating statements and help to reduce some symptoms of menopause.

Chiropractic Medicine

Therapies associated with chiropractic medicine helps to reduce menopause symptoms helps the body to strengthen for future years. Chiropractic therapies include, diet, exercises, homeopathy, acupuncture and massage. Menopause leads to fall in oestrogen which is the cause of back pains and beginning of osteoporosis symptoms and chiropractic therapy of soft tissue work and spinal manipulation helps to combat these. This therapy is also very effective in reduction of headaches caused due to stress and anxiety from menopause.


Menopause is very commonly associated with symptoms like hot flushes; depression anxiety and insomnia; restlessness, weight gain and feeling of physical and mental heaviness and Ayurveda works to treat all these symptoms.

sesame oil

For hot flush Ayurveda recommends the use of coconut and sesame oils, mustard oil and linseed oil, clarified butter or ghee, inhaling vapours of essential oils from gardenia, honeysuckle and lotus and sandalwood. Herbs like gotu kola, myrrh, saffron, and barberry, licorice, arjuna, ashwagandha and garlic can also be used to reduce the symptoms.