Best Natural Cures For Aging Eyes

Aging Eyes

Aging Eyes Aging of eyes is a very common problem. It occurs due to side effects of some kind of medicines due to the medicines consumed for some or other physical problems. Aging of eyes could be genetic also .Some people might face this problem because of lack of sleep or not aintaining a sound healthy diet. Generally aging of eyes are the signs of growing old but there are external and the internal factors that contribute in early aging. 

Aging of eyes can also be caused due to increase in consumption of alcohol. Aging of eyes occurs due to eye disorder or eye diseases. The common signs of aging of eyes could be dry eyes, fatigue, tearing, and inability to focus or puffy eyes leading to wrinkled skin around the eyes. Nowadays people prefer natural cure above any kind of medical treatment as it is free of all kind of side effects. Innumerous natural remedies are there to fight the symptoms of the aging eyes.

Natural Cures For Aging Eyes

Cleansing Of Eyes

It is very important to splash water to our eyes. Water is always beneficial to our eyes. Splashing of cold water helps to reduce the pores occurring around the eyes so that puffiness is reduced in the right way. We can take icy cold water in a cup put a tablespoon in it for say 10 minutes and then put the back of the spoon gently on both of your eyes.

Cleansing Of Eyes

It gives a refreshing effect and helps to reduce the aging effect. We can gently wash our eyes with cold water daily 2-3 times. It just rests and gives relaxation to our eyes.

Effect Of Cucumber

Cucumber is most commonly used ingredients that provide benefits to eyes. A lot of people use cucumber slices on their eyes for refreshment and relaxation. There is another method in which we can use cucumber for reducing aging of eyes. We can cut a few Cucumber slices and put in a plastic bag to freeze them.


Then after sometime we take this frozen cucumber and put it on our eyelids for some time. It reduces all kind of problems related to eyes like dryness, puffiness and aging problems. It just refreshes our eyes and reduces all kind of pain and itching or burning sensation.

Mixture Of Tomato With Honey

Another good way of reducing the problem of aging of eyes is tomato juice. We can extract tomato juice and then mix it with few drops of honey .Then after this we can apply this mixture around the skin of our eyes and under the eyes to reduce all kind of dryness and puffiness.

Tomato Juice

It also reduces the problems of dark patches and wrinkle prone under the eyes. It is one of the most commonly practiced methods of reducing aging of eyes.


Exercises are another good method in keeping one self fit. There are certain eyes related exercise which helps in reducing wrinkles and dryness. A person suffering from problem of aging of eyes can do a mini message inward or outward sweeping of ocular bone. These kind exercises should be practiced in consultation with a health practitioner. These exercises should be done early morning for 15-20 minutes .It reduces all kind wrinkles around eyes and dryness. It helps to look skin more taut and makes look skin more moisturized.

Use Of Natural Oil

coconut oil

Using of coconut oil is one the best remedies is making skin look brightened and treating aging of eyes. We can message coconut oil under the eyes and it helps to reduce the sagginess. The use of coconut oil helps to reduce wrinkles and helps to get rid of dryness under the skin.

Use Of Castor Oil

Castor oil is also a good remedy for treating wrinkles and puffiness under eyes. It is widely used in a lot of anti aging creams.

Castor Oil

We can apply few drops of castor oil on the affected area of under eyes. With the finger tips we can gently massage this oil to give a smooth and tight skin around eyes.

Control On Diet

Diet is an important part that is required to fight against all kind of problems. There are certain skin type foods that will help in reducing aging of the eyes its dryness, puffiness, wrinkles fatigue etc. Eating of green vegetables, sprouts, eggs, fish papaya, all kinds of fruits helps to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin around the eyes. A lot of vegetables and fruits have been used in anti aging products to refresh skin but instead of applying them through indirect methods we should consume these green leafy vegetables for direct effects.