7 Best Natural Cures For Chest Infection

Chest Infection

Chest infection is an infection that mainly affects the lungs of a person. Chest infection is among all age groups but it mostly affects young children and elderly people. Chest infection is either caused by virus or bacteria present in the environment. Chest infection may cause serious health complications and may even lead to death in case of pneumonia. Chest infection may vary according to its types. A person suffering from chest infection may develop acute bronchitis which is less infectious and could be cured within a week. Another is pneumonia which is severe and needs special medical attention.

A person suffering from chest infection may suffer from breathing problems, coughing problems leading to phlegm, high temperature, chest pain, stomach pain and vomiting tendencies. Natural cure is considered best to treat health problems of chest infections. Generally doctors don’t prescribe medicines for chest infection only in case of chronic pneumonia because these are high dose antibiotics causing severe threats to the body parts. Naturally one can eliminate and reduce chest infection to a great extent.

Natural Cures For Chest Infection

1. Physiotherapy

One of the best recommended techniques to reduce chest infection is through exercises. Walk and meditations helps to ease chest pain. Breathing exercises also helps to ease coughing and breathing problems. Exercises include stretching and breathing exercises that helps to open up the chest and increase lung function and oxygen uptake. Yoga and pranayama helps to improve circulatory and respiratory disorder. The relaxation pose in yoga helps to reduce all kind of mental and physical stress which is very effective for a patient suffering from chest pain.


2. Natural Dietary Supplements

A healthy diet helps to strengthen the immunity system, thus helping to fight against all kind of virus and bacteria. For chest infection physicians recommend high fibre diet including lot of juices and whole grain food. One must consume low fatty and oily food. One must include green leafy vegetable and fresh fruit also. In order to reduce the problem of chest infection one should increase the intake of fluids. One must reduce the intake of caffeine to ease  chest pain and breathing problems.

Natural Dietary Supplements

3. Effects Of Green Tea And Peppermint Tea

Peppermint provides a heating sensation that reduces congestion by stimulating blood circulation. It helps to relieve congestion and kills infection. Peppermint tea should be consumed after meals. It helps to relieve from chest congestion and headaches. Consumption of green tea also helps to ease discomfort and chest pain caused due to chest infection. Green tea contains antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Green Tea

4. Application Of Aromatherapy Oils

A lot of essential oils are used in aromatherapy to treat chest infection. We can either rub the oil against our chest or by inhaling fumes of the oil. We can apply eucalyptus oil to chest because it helps to reduce inflammation of respiratory systems and also loosens mucus in the lungs. We can also heat the essential of myrrh oil on a burner and then soak it in warm water and inhale by draping a towel around our head to retain its fumes. It helps to reduce the accumulation of mucus in our lungs and relieves all kind of chest infection. This is one of the most commonly used natural treatment to ease from chest infections.

Eucalyptus Oil

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5. Benefits Of Hot Compresses

Hot compress have been used from traditional times and is an effective technique which helps in reducing respiratory problems. We can fold a large towel length wise and dip its centre in almost boiling water. Then we can pull the end parts as hard as we can to remove most of the water and then lay the dry part on our chest for 5 minutes. It helps to get relief from breathing problem and loosens mucus in the chest.

Hot Compress

6. Garlic Syrup

Another good way of reducing chest infection is through consumption of garlic. We can prepare syrup for prevention of lung infection. We can chop 6 white onions and 6 cloves of garlic in a container and add honey to it. Leave it overnight. We can consume this syrup with warm water at regular intervals, it will help to reduce congestion and also help to ease cough problems.

Garlic Syrup

7. Homeopathic Remedies

Another way to treat chest infection is through homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic treatment is free from all kind of side effects. It helps to control cold and keeps the patient on a deeper path of healing through constitutional remedy.


The common cold and chest congestion remedies are belladonna, arnica, brynia that helps the patient to get relief from cold and fever but consuming theses remedies one should strictly consult a homeopath consultant and should be consumed as directed.