8 Best Natural Cures For Cyst On Ovaries

Cyst On Ovaries

A lot of women suffer from cyst on ovaries but they only get to know after ultrasound or some kind of pain occurring in their stomach. A woman can develop ovarian cystt any age but mostly it develops during childhood years. An ovarian cyst is accumulation of fluid filled sac that develops on one or both ovaries. It is caused either due to hormonal imbalances and the fertility drugs consumed by women.

Cyst on ovaries is generally harmless but common some common symptoms being irregular menstruation, pelvic pain which may appear before or after menstruation ends, pain in passing stools, bloating swelling in abdomen. But in very few cases where cyst infected pain gets worse it causes complications like cancer, bursting and torsion.

In normal cases a doctor may suggest surgery or birth control pills depending on the size of cyst. Naturally one can treat cyst on ovaries because it is cheap, affordable and most commonly practiced among women to reduce the cyst formation on ovaries. Natural treatment promotes hormonal balance.

Natural Cures For Cyst On Ovaries


One can cure cyst formation on ovaries by restricting his dietary supplements. Patient should try and avoid dairy products and wheat flour.


Patient should increase the intake of dark green leafy vegetables and high fiber content foods which helps in natural healing of the body. One should increase the content of vitamin E and omega3 in his daily diets. It contains anti inflammatory properties which promotes healing.

Effects Of Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is very commonly used by women for curing cysts on ovaries. It helps in getting rid of excess estrogen. Milk thistle helps to stabilize ovary functioning and also prevents from ovarian cysts.It also helps in detoxification process.

Milk Thistle

One can start drinking infusions of milk thistle adding it with agnus castus. We can mix some amount of honey to sweeten its effects. Daily consume minimum 2 glasses. This kind of remedy helps in reducing the cyst formation on ovaries.

Chaste Berry

Chaste berry helps in balancing estrogen and progesterone. One should be consuming chaste berry for minimum 3 months with 20-40 mg daily. Chaste berry also helps to promote hormonal balances.

Chaste Berry

Such regular intake of chaste berry helps in reducing cysts formation on ovaries. Chaste berry extracts are used in variety of medicines for repairing hormonal balances so direct consumption will definitely help in reducing the cyst formation on ovaries.

Chamomile And Raspberry Tea

Chamomile and raspberry tea is considered very effective for treating ovarian cysts. It helps to reduce pain in abdomen and muscle cramps.

Chamomile Tea

One should drink 2-3 cups of chamomile tea and raspberry tea daily to bring in health benefits. Drinking chamomile tea will soothe away the pain in the abdomen. Chamomile tea helps in cracking down cysts in natural way.

Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy is considered excellent for ovarian cysts. Aroma therapy helps to ease pain and improves hormonal imbalances. Different essential oils are used to cure illness and diseases.

Aroma Therapy

Through aroma therapy massages on back and stomach helps to reduce problems occurred due to cysts. Common aroma therapy oil providing hormonal balances are jasmine oil which is often mixed clary sage for improving the body system.


Another most commonly practiced remedy to cure cysts on ovaries is homeopathic medicines. Apis mellifica helps in curbing the cysts concerns to a great extent. It helps in speedy recovery of a women suffering from cysts on ovaries. Another medicine that helps in reducing cysts and helps the ovarian cysts to shrink is bellis perennis.


It contains anti inflammatory properties which works well on the ovarian cysts to cure completely. But one should consult a doctor regarding which homeopathy medicines suits him the best and should be consumed as prescribed by the doctor.

Drinking Water With Lemon

Water With Lemon

A women suffering from problem of cysts on ovaries should be increasing her intake of water with lemon for minimum 3-4 times daily. Lemon extracts helps to flush toxins and helps in smooth functioning of the body.

Castor Oil Pack

Another way of reducing ovarian cysts is through use of castor oil pack. Castor oil pack naturally helps to dissolve the cysts. To certain extent people has found that it eliminates the problem of ovarian cysts. We can soak the flannel material in the castor oil. Then place it directly over abdomen.

Castor Oil

We can place a piece of plastic wrap on top of flannel and wrap with a towel to prevent the castor oil from leaking. We can then place a heating pad over our towel. This pack should be left for an hour and then removed. This remedy is very beneficial in reducing ovarian cysts.